Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Liasa...)

You are horny beyond limits. You have an opportunity to do whatever you want and yet you hesitate. You want Fernanda, but you don’t want her to suffer. You glance to her sex to see that she is completely dry. Never before have you taken a woman not ready for sex, and it is not the day for the first time.

It sounds silly to try to make a woman enjoy a rape but it is exactly what you are planning to do. Instead of violating the hot tight body you start with gentle strokes, running your hands down her sides. “You are so beautiful Fernanda,” you say softly as your fingers move over her athletic back. You carefully run your fingernails along Fernanda’s spine, making her shiver.

You continue by moving to her shoulders, then you go down and start kissing your slave’s neck while your arms switch to her wonderful mounds. You like Rachel’s tits and this will stay true for a long time but having larger, firmer, younger tits under your palms is something that makes the whole adventure worth it.

Your dick is begging for an action but you keep yourself under control, trying to make it pleasurable to Fernanda. You can’t say what she feels. Her nipples are hard but it may be nothing but a reaction to a chilly air of the basement. Her breathing is frantic but this may be explained by fear. There is only one way to know for sure. You move one hand from her breast to her crotch and feel the very first drips of moisture. You can’t say anything about her mind, but her body is getting ready for you. You may have a chance to make her enjoy everything.