Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Liasa...)

“You know. There is one girl that is driving me crazy,” you say with a shy smile. Admitting this to your girlfriend is very awkward. “My loyalty to you is the only reason I didn’t try to score with her and if you don’t mind…”

“Men!” Rachel laughs. “Honey, give me a nice show and I’ll permit you everything.” She giggles before asking, “Tell me, who makes my man hard?” Rachel touches your dick lightly.

“Ehm… ” You take a deep breath. “You know our neighbor? Student from Brazil…”

“Fernanda? Oh… I see why you want to screw that chocolate beauty. Her ass is nearly perfect — I would kill for one like hers!” Her words form an image in your mind, forcing your cock to grow.

“Yours is better!” you quickly reassure Rachel.

“Liar!” she laughs. “But I like the compliment and you deserve a little reward for it.” She locks her hand around your rod and starts jerking it slowly. “Tell me what would you do with Fernanda, given a chance?”

“Her lips. Her lips look perfect for a blowjob,” you answer, amazed by your own honesty.

“Oh. How interesting. I want you to imagine her now,” Rachel says before surprising you by going down and taking your cock in her soft mouth. She gives you head only on rare occasions and usually you need to spend some time begging for it.

“Oooh… Rachel. It is so good!” You moan as your girlfriend caresses your shaft with her tongue.

She pulls away from your dick and looks at you angrily. “I said imagine our hot neighbor, forget about me,” Rachel says sternly before returning to the blowjob.

“Fernanda! Take it deeper!” You would normally be killed for calling Rachel by a different name but today is definitely a strange day. She takes your dick deeper than any time before.

“Now suck it hard!” You can’t believe your luck and keep giving orders. Amazingly, Rachel does as she told! You feel your orgasm is really close and it is time to warn Rachel. On other hand you’ve always dreamed about coming in girl’s mouth without prior warning and this may be the perfect time.