Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by fred...)

“Well I’ve always had a thing for my best friend Jamie,” you say. “He’s really well hung — I’ve seen it in the locker rooms, but I’m not sure I could ever take it all. Maybe you could convince him to come over?”

Rachel calls Jamie up on the phone and you can’t quite hear their conversation but she gets a yes, but with two conditions. You have to be submissive and you have to let your girlfriend join in.

That night there’s a knock at the door. You open it in excitement and as soon as Jamie steps in, he pushes you onto your knees, whips out his ten-inch cock and forces it down your throat.

You stare up at him with a deep desiring look as he pounds your face, letting your spit and his precum drop all over your face. He finally pulls out and lets you lick all over his freshly-shaven balls and cock. You take your time licking every inch of his cock until he forces it back down your throat and cums into your mouth.

You gargle all of the cum that’s filled up your mouth and turn to see your Rachel staring in awe at her fantasy coming to life. She immediately gets down face-to-face with you and you both make out, swapping Jamie’s cum into each other’s mouths until you feel your body being placed into a doggy style position.

With one fast thrust of Jamie’s ten-inch sloppy cock into your tight little virgin asshole you cry out with pleasure and accidentally spit out all of his cum onto your beautiful girlfriend’s face and tits.