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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ron Spankadocious...)

“I wanna eat your pussy,” you reply.

“Looks like someone’s still hungry tonight!” teases Fernanda.

“Go get him! I’ll watch from here,” says Rachel.

“Let me kiss you first, Ross,” says Fernanda, and you start kissing her the moment she finishes her sentence. It is a hot and wet kiss that turns into French-kissing. After a few minutes, you lay Fernanda down on the side of the bed, and crouch down to eat her pussy.

“That’s it! Right there!” Fernanda cries out as you continue to lick her out. Meanwhile, Rachel is masturbating as she watches. Then you insert a finger into her wet pussy.

“Ooh. Right there. Ugggghhhhhh. That’s it!” Fernanda cries out as you finger her.

You take a break for a minute to French-kiss her again and she definitely wants this as she is hungrily kissing you hard, enjoying the taste of her cunt on your lips.

You return to eating her out and think to yourself, “Damn. She tastes so good!”

After a few minutes, Fernanda cries out. “Right there! That’s it! I’ve always wanted you the moment I saw you! I’ve masturbated to the thoughts of this moment, and this is just going to get even better! Please just fuck me already!”