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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Liasa...)

It’s not the kind of request you need to hear twice. You climb on top of the hot Brazilian girl as she spreads her legs wider ready to accept you inside.

You don’t waste time and gently push forward, moving inside inch by inch and then you hit an obstacle. “You can’t be….” you say, as your eyes go wide from surprise.

Fernanda blushes heavily before whispering,“ I was too busy studying and… ” — her voice suddenly goes loud — “Damn! Just make me a woman, now!”

You’ve had some virgins in your life but this is the first one so eager to get rid of her hymen. Even if she didn’t ask, your lust is too great to not proceed. You move deeper and feel how your piece of meat rips the delicate barrier. “Mmmmm” — Fernanda’s long moan with a mix of pain in pleasure in it is one of the most erotic sounds you ever heard in your life.

You should probably be more gentle with the girl who has her first time but desire overwhelms you and you pick up a quick pace, pounding the girl of your dreams.

Luckily for you, Fernanda likes your chosen pace and. She must be a type that enjoys a mix of light pain and pleasure. Her moans get louder before she orgasms around your fast-moving cock.

You briefly turn your attention to Rachel to see that your girlfriend is roughly fucking herself with three fingers. Your eyes meet, you smile to each other and both of you orgasm in this exact moment. You are too preoccupied with pleasure to even think about pulling your dick out of the young and fertile pussy and send your little guys straight on course to the womb.

“Fernanda, did you like my boyfriend?” Rachel asks with a slutty smile. “He recovers quickly and if you want another round he will give you one!”