Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ron Spankadocious...)

“I want you to blow me,” you reply as you strip naked.

Rachel sits in a chair and starts masturbating, watching you kiss Fernanda. The kiss gets hotter and wetter as time passes. Then your sexy neighborr crouches down and starts blowing you.

At first she goes slow, but she picks up the pace and soon she is deep-throating you enthusiastically.

“That’s it, you slut! Suck it harder!” you scream.

“Keep calling me names. I love it!” Fernanda cries out as she stops sucking your cock.

“Did I say you stop sucking me? Keep sucking my cock, bitch!” you reply.

She starts sucking your cock again. You grab hold of her hair and fuck her mouth until your cock hits her throat. All you can hear from Fernanda is “Gaaakkkkkkkk! Gaaakkkkk! Gaaakkkkkkk!”

After you’ve finished with her mouth she sucks your balls and it feels so good. Then she goes back to sucking your cock and the sight of her giving you a blowjob is like something out of a dream.

After a few more minutes, Fernanda gasps and looks up at you. “Can you fuck me? But please make it gentle. I’m still a virgin.”

There’s no way you’re going to take her gently.