Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Jon Evans...)

You decide to take the tape off Fernanda’s face and she begins to whimper. You whisper into her ear, saying, “Tell me when,” and keep making her aroused. Then she finally whispers, “Now, in my pussy,” and you happily oblige.

You slowly enter her, giving her a wave of pleasure. You start off slowly, giving deep, soft thrusts. Then you start to go faster, unable to contain yourself. You pound deep into her, and she thrust backwards to match your rhythm. When you cum, you do it deep inside of her, and an enormous load drips out when you pull your dick out.

Your girlfriend walks up behind Fernanda and licks all of it up. She even licks deep into the Brazilian’s cunt, and fingers her ass. You watch and wonder what Rachel will do with the slave next.