Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Liasa...)

Your dick may be harder than you ever had but you still can’t force yourself to go on. You like this kind of control you have over Fernanda, but in the same time the need to have mutual pleasure never left you.

You go down on your knees and start kissing captive’s perfect butt, simultaneously caressing her hips with your hands. Then you start gently touching Fernanda’s nether lips with the tip of your tongue.

“Ross, can’t you fuck her already?” Rachel sounds quite impatient.

“Honey…” You have to pull away to have a chat with your wife but Fernanda’s body gets no rest from your gentle assault. Your fingers temporary take the duty of the tongue caressing the wet labia. “Do we need to be cruel masters? I want to be a nice master. You see, her body enjoys it.” You push a single finger inside the pussy and force Fernanda’s body to shiver. “Please, help me to show our slave that she is lucky. Caress her tits while I ‘work’ here.”

“Well… It is not what I had in mind, but if you prefer this way…” Rachel approaches your captive from the other side and put her hands on firm globes of dark flesh. “She has a great set. You’ll have to enjoy them later!”

“I most certainly will” you say, before bringing your mouth back to Fernanda’s pussy. You invade her with your tongue, doing circles inside and forcing the girl to moan thorough the tape. There are no doubts that this kind of sound can come only from a woman that is close to orgasm.

You pull your tongue out to focus on Fernanda’s clitoris and few additional touches of the most sensitive part of the body is enough to send the Brazilian girl into a powerful, body-shaking orgasm.

“Wow! The slut passed out! What a whore! What shall we do now?” Rachel sounds very excited and clearly expects more. Your dick wants action, too.

Fernanda moans silently indicating that she’s come back to her senses and now you need to make a decision on how to continue.