Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by m1181...)

Neither you nor Rachel are any good at lying, so you both decide to be honest with Kalie. You let Rachel into the fitting room and you both explain to Kalie.

“I’m Ross, and this is my girlfriend Rachel. Yesterday, she told me that one of her biggest sexual fantasies was for me to fuck an employee while she was supposed to be working,” you say.

Rachel continues, “I shop here quite often and I see you working here a lot. I suggested to him that we try to go for you.”

“And it has worked very well so far” you add.

Kalie looks at both of you in a bit of shock. After a bit of thinking, Kalie smiles.

“I completely understand. Rachel, if this is what you really want, I’d be happy to help you.”

Rachel winks at you, and then proceeds to move to the next fitting room over to give you and Kalie more space. On her way out, Rachel whispers to you “So what are you waiting for, Ross?”

After Rachel shuts the door, you take the hint and start kissing Kalie again. In the fitting room next door, Rachel starts to undress and pleasure herself while she listens to you and Kalie.

Kalie breaks the kiss and says “Hopefully there won’t be any more interruptions.” You both get undressed again and continue where you left off.

You start to thrust your dick into her tight hole again and she starts to moan in pleasure. “Keep going just like that” she says.

You do just that. She exclaims “Fuck that’s good!” as she reaches her hand out to your face. You take this as a sign and start kissing her again. You then start pumping Kalie faster and faster until she screams “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna cum!”

Kalie has the best orgasm of her life, and you’re not far from reaching your climax either. You somehow find a way to fuck her harder and faster than before and exclaim, “I’m gonna cum!”

Kalie yells “Pull out!” but it’s a bit too late for that. You cum in her wet pussy before you pull out and spray some of your seed all over her ass. Meanwhile, in the room next door, Rachel cums just listening to you fuck Kalie.

You shove your girl-juice and cum-covered dick into Kalie’s mouth and she cleans it off. Kalie finds her clothes, gets dressed again, and then wanders off to grab you her business card. She hands you her card and whispers, “We should do this again sometime,” in your ear.

You agree, and decide to start going to the mall more often.

The End