Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by m1181...)

Monica continues to watch her best friend Rachel get fucked by a ‘complete stranger’ in the middle of the woods. She gets wetter and wetter until she can’t take it anymore.

Rachel yells out, “Hey!” as Monica shoves her aside and starts to go down on your dick. She explains, “I need you more than she does!” You don’t argue, and start pumping Rachel’s best friend again.

“Fuck, I needed this!” Monica screams as you thrust your dick in and out of her.

Meanwhile, after being pushed aside, Rachel lies on the ground, and realizes what has just happened. She doesn’t appreciate Monica’s behaviorr.

Monica moans, “You’re so good at this, stranger,” before she starts kissing you. You see Rachel get up off the ground from the corner of your eye. You break the kiss as Rachel approaches. Rachel then starts to kiss her best friend in the hottest lesbian kiss you’ve ever seen.

Monica breaks the kiss and says to Rachel, “Oh my gosh — mmm — Rachel — sorry I — uungghh — shoved you — aaaaah — earlier, but — mmm — I couldn’t take — ungh — it anymore — I needed thiiiiissss!”

“I understand and I accept your apology,” says Rachel to her friend. Monica continues to get fucked before she decides to let Rachel have a turn.

Your girlfriend then starts thrusting herself back and forth, riding your dick. She mouths to Monica, “He’s so good!”

Monica exclaims, “I know! I wonder who this guy is!”

Rachel is now faced with a dilemma: Should she take off your mask and be honest or should she lie and say that she doesn’t know?