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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by BadWriter...)

Amy grabs your dick and starts stroking it. You moan into her mouth and you really want to fuck her.

“I missed your cock, Ross,” she says, out of breath. You say no words and take off your shirt. Your step-sister takes no time to flip you and get on top. She gets on her hands and knees, showing you some cleavage through her shirt. You are still amazed by her monstrous tits and ass. Both are dying to be sucked and fucked.

Amy lowers her face onto your dick and engulfs it into her mouth. The warmth and wetness of it feels too good on your horny cock and you instantly cum with no warning. She giggles a little and starts sucking. You’ve never gotten hard again so fast before.

You never thought that once again, your step-sister would be sucking your dick like a pro. You grab her tits and squeeze them a bit. Amy moves her head, leaving your poor cock. “Would you like to see them?” She removes her shirt to reveal a gigantic pair of boobs, the red bra she is wearing makes you lust even more for them. Your step-sister then removes her bra, exposing the most glorious pair of breasts you’ve ever seen.

Amy pushes them together and then jiggles them a bit. You sit up, and push her onto your lap. She sits down and laughs, grinding her ass on your erection. You scoop up her boobs and start sucking on her nipples.

You rip her pants off and throw them in some random direction. You grab her ass and start dry-humping her while you suck on her juicy tits, and you swear you can taste some milk.