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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

Rachel’s eyes flutter open as it takes a moment for her to fully come to and then she asks, “What happened and why am I drenched?”

“Don’t worry, you’re not supposed to remember the hypnosis, but you will remember this… Drama drama drama!”

Your girlfriend dives at you and frantically tears open your pants and starts sucking your cock like it’s the only way she can survive another minute. Her hand is pumping your shaft while the other is down her pants again. As another orgasm has her moaning, she opens her throat and engulfs your whole dick into her mouth and down her throat.


Rachel deep-throats you like crazy, almost seeming to not need air, only your hard cock. You can’t help but blow your load of hot jizz deep in her mouth.

You relax back, ready to unwind, when Rachel give you a sweet kiss and says, “I’m not finished, two can play at this game… drama!”

She basically screams it out in ecstasy as she pulls down her bottoms and mounts your sensitive head. You almost black out as she rides you through two more loads. You’ve lost track of time and her wet orgasms. Finally, out of breath, she lies down beside you.

“What do you have planned for your hypnotized slut? Phoning me up at work? Taking me to a fancy restaurant? Oh the places you could get me to fuck you.” She closes her eyes as she starts imagining.

“Thanks for the ideas!”