Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by hornylonelygirl...)

Rachel looks up, panting hard, and smiles at you and says, “Now mouth and pussy!” She kisses you before looking at you both expectantly, and asks you both after getting in doggy position, “Who’s going where?”

Jamie quickly and excitedly says, “I’ll take pussy this time — Ross, you take her mouth.”

You roll your eyes and get in front of your girlfriend so she can blow you, and Jamie gets behind her and lines his cock up with her pussy.

You eagerly grab Rachel’s hair and start to vigorously fuck her throat. She moans as your best friend fucks her hard from behind and it’s not long before he blows his load in your girl. You soon follow suit, then you two switch places several times, knowing your girlfriend will definitely be pregnant (hopefully yours.)

A month later you find a little box on the side of your bed and inside you find two small pink pacifiers. You rummage through your wife’s purse and find a sonogram photo. It says “twin girls” on the back.

You quickly call your girlfriend and she confirms she’s pregnant with twin girls. Eight months later you have two beautiful identical twin babies.

The End