Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Hillary Clinton...)

You find a knife hidden in a desk and pull it out, threatening to slit the teacher’s throat if he even so much as puts his dick near your girlfriend again. He lunges at her, trying to drop a load in her. You kick him in the nuts then throw him out the door.

You lock the door and ask Rachel, “what would you like to do now?”

She replies, “Anal!”

You are taken aback, seeing as how she was so reluctant to have anal with the old man, so you ask her, “why?”

“Well Ross,” answers Rachel. “I want to lose my anal virginity to you, not some old man who looks like he hasn’t had sex in seventy years.” You burst out laughing at the last part.

“Okay!” you say and pull her towards you. You spread her ass cheeks and ram your foot of cock into her butt hole. Rachel starts moaning loudly and you start pounding her ass faster and faster. Surprisingly you have not orgasmed yet, and just as you’re thinking that, Rachel orgasms, causing you to cum in her ass.

After the anal you and Rachel go home for a wild night that features tons of anal and oral and vaginal sex.

The End