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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yo boy...)

“Let’s fuck at the gym!” Rachel proposes.

“Sure!” you reply instantly, imagining your girlfriend all hot and sweaty in her tight gym clothes.

The next morning you both go to the gym and work out for an hour. Rachel looks so sexy doing squats, teasing you with her ass. You feel your cock erect and bulging, and you’re getting some strange looks from a guy doing weights.

Rachel takes you by the hand and you both hurry to the female changing rooms, which are mercifully empty. You start making out frantically, undressing each other. Rachel pulls you into a shower cubicle and the door slams behind you.

Rachel gets on her knees and wraps her lips around your cock, deep-throating it as she stares up into your eyes. When you can’t stand it anymore you pull her up and bend her against the wall, slamming your cock deep into her cunt. She screams at first, then starts begging you to fuck her. “Fuck me Ross! Please don’t stop! Keep fucking me, fuck your little slut!”

You hammer your girlfriend for several minutes, working up even more of a sweat than when you were working out. As you reach the brink you grab her hair into a scrunch and thrust harder, then you force her onto her knees and unload your balls all over her face with a loud groan, coating her with white, sticky man juice.