Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Boss Man...)

“Let’s have a threesome in the hot tub!” blurts Rachel eagerly.

“With who?” you ask, intrigued.

“Me and my best friend Monica,” she suggests. You are very happy with this suggestion.

Monica comes over and you wait patiently in the hot tub. They eventually come out both naked. You stare at them and then their fat asses which jiggle as they walk. They turn away from you at the edge of the hot tub and start shaking their asses. Then they both climb in and start making out.

Monica kisses you and grabs your bulge through your shorts while Rachel unties them, then takes your cock out and starts stroking it. You sit up on the hot tub and they start sucking on your cock, taking turns to spit on it. Your girlfriend then stands up and backs her ass down onto your shaft, letting out a sudden scream of “fuck Ross, it’s so big, I need it all!”

Rachel bounces up and down as you make out with her best friend. She then jumps off and you stand up. You grab Monica and lift her up and enter her from behind.

“You like fucking me standing up?” pants Monica as you pound her harder and harder. She then starts making out with your girlfriend. You thrust harder and harder, then when you’re about to cum you make both of them bend over. You pump your cock while unleashing your load all over their asses as they make out.