Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by MIASP...)

You have your face buried in between Rachel’s legs when you hear someone walk in. You raise your head and see a long-legged, short-skirt-wearing teacher staring at you. She is wearing a very revealing, see-through white button-up shirt. You can see her tits clearly.

She raises her eyebrows at the obvious sex occurring in front of her. Instead of calling the police, she shuts the door behind you and approaches the desk you are sitting at.

“Teacher,” she says with a slight moan, “I’ve been bad, and there’s something only you can do to fix it.” She is almost purring as she lies across the desk and the top button of her shirt pops open.

You just stare in awe at what has happened. Your dick is harder than it has ever been, and you can’t help but stand up and check out the full view of her body. You look to your girlfriend for help on what to do, and she gives you a disturbing smile.

“I want you to strip down naked,” she says to the teacher.

The teacher strips and shows off her giant tits as well as her glistening, shaved pussy.

Rachel is practically purring as she asks, “what should we do with a naughty slut like her?”