Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by MIASP...)

You hear the door open, normally not such a bad thing. But when you are dry-humping a girl dressed like a student and neither of you have a reason to be there, it’s a bit different.

You quit thrusting and lean over to see who walked through the door. It turns out to be a pair of teenage students.

They stare at you both in awe, and you can clearly see how turned on they are by the bulge in your pants. You turn your girlfriend around and say, “look sweetie, naughty pussy.” You put your Rachel on the desk, walk over to the girls, shut the door behind them, and lock it.

The girls stare at you with hopeful, lust-filled eyes. You tear their tops off of their bodies.

The girl on the left, whose name is Nikki; is five foot tall, brunette, skinny, with tiny little tits and a pretty fat ass.

The girl on the right, whose name is Alice; is four foot six inches, redheaded, weighs a little more, with perky, D-cup tits and a tight ass.

You put a hand on each girl’s tits, and Rachel goes behind them and straddles them as she reaches up their skirts to grab their asses. They begin to moan from the expectation of the sex to come.

“Which virgin pussy do you want first?” your girlfriend asks in a much sluttier way than you have ever heard before.