Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by MIASP...)

“The redhead first.” You grab Alice on either side of her body and bend her over the teacher’s desk. You begin to rub your bulge on her ass, both of you moaning in anticipation. This will be memorable for both of you.

Meanwhile, Nikki is watching all of this. She climbs onto a nearby student’s desk, flips up her skirt, pulls aside her lacy panties, and just starts slamming her fingers into herself full force. You keep hearing constant moans that ride right on the edge of being screams of ecstasy.

“Looks like our pussy needs some training,” your girlfriend says as she walks over to Nikki and starts licking her pussy.

You turn your attention back over to Alice to discover she has already torn her panties to shreds so you can get to her tight, wet, teenage pussy. You slowly unbutton your pants and pull out your thick, rock hard cock. You grab onto Alice’s shoulders and slam full force into her pussy. She screams in pain. You waste no time and just start thrusting as well as you can in her little pussy. It’ll feel good eventually.

You hear a scream behind you, and Rachel walks over to you and begins to shove her tongue down your throat. You can taste Nikki’s cum in her mouth. It tastes better than your girlfriend’s, for sure.

Your attention is drawn back to Alice when you hear her screams of pain start turning into moans of passion and pleasure. “I think I’m about down,” you say as you pull out and cum over as much of her body and clothes as you can.

You begin to suspect Alice has passed out, but before you can think too much about it, you feel Nikki’s hands around your body gripping your cock. Another hand joins it, which comes from your girlfriend.