Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by MIASP...)

You don’t even respond to the question, instead you grab the teacher and forcibly pull her over onto your lap. You begin spanking her as fast as you can, screams echo throughout the room and down the halls as the teacher’s ass turns completely red.

Once you finally finish with that, you pull out your cock and impale the teacher’s asshole directly onto it. A much louder scream of pain comes from her as she was completely caught off guard.

After a little while, she begins bouncing on your cock, tears running down her face every time. Your girlfriend climbs on to the desk in front of you and begins to suck on the teacher’s large tits. You’ve never seen her be this forward and sexual.

Soon, you start fingering Rachel’s pussy as you bounce the teacher. The screams double, but now they are screams of ecstasy. Both of them cum all over you, before dropping to their knees to start licking it off of you.

Just for good measure, you jack off right into the teachers face and hair. Rachel begins licking it off of the teacher, and pretty soon it’s just lesbian sex.