Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by MIASP...)

“Babe,” you say, smiling your devilish grin. “How about we bang a helpless student?” You doubt this will work…

“That sounds perfect,” your girlfriend says, a little too enthusiastically.

“Really?” You feel a bulge growing in your pants. “Alright, let’s head there tomorrow and pick out a nice little slut to fuck.”

You get there just after the first bell rings, and you observe the girls as they walk down the hallways. Here and there you chat to a few of the more curious ones.

By the end of the day, you have a list of ten girls who seem interested in you and who you think are super sexy.

The first one is a pale skinned senior named Mia. She seemed very shy and straight up refused to talk to you. You did catch her eyeing you once or twice though. She has curly, brown hair, brown eyes, B cup breasts, a very flat ass, and overall she probably weigh less than 100 pounds

The second girl is an African freshman by the name of Leticia. She is very outgoing and came straight up to talk to you, going as far as to hit on you in the middle of the hallway. She has giant, perky, D cup tits that somehow defy gravity. She has a giant ass that looks perfect to spank. She has black hair that is curled up into an afro. She has hazel eyes, she’s slightly taller than normal, and she is fairly muscular.

The third girl is a Junior girl with her hair dyed bright pink named Autumn. Her large, blue eyes would look adorable when they look up at you during a blowjob. She is much smaller than normal, her pink hair reaches down to her lower back, she is completely flat-chested, with a little bit of a squeezable ass. She wears glasses and braces, and she weighs a little more than normal for someone her size.

The fourth girl is a redheaded teacher named Anna. She came up to talk to you about why you were in the building, to which you made up some bullshit reason. She seemed to buy it, but never took her eyes off of your crotch. She has short, red hair, she is slightly taller than you are, she is skinny, around twenty-eight years old, she wears super-revealing button up shirts and a skirt, and you swear that she isn’t wearing a bra to keep her D-cup tits in place, she has a fat ass that would be mesmerizing to watch jiggle.

The fifth girl is a blonde, glasses-wearing Sophomore named Katie. She has A-cup tits, but a nicely shaped ass, she is the tallest girl you have seen so far wandering down the halls, and you’re pretty sure she’s bisexual, based on how she was checking you and your girlfriend out an equal amount of times.

The sixth girl is a brunette junior named Nikki, who always travels with her girlfriend Alice (who is the seventh girl.) Nikki is five feet tall, and she has tiny tits and a fat ass. Alice is four foot six, redheaded, with D-cup tits and a tight little ass.

The eighth and final girl is the girl who is known school wide as the biggest slut on the face of the Earth. A goth-looking freshman who makes everyone call her Ivy. She is super pale, with long, flowing black hair, C-cup tits, and a decent ass.

“So, which girl did you like the best?” Rachel asks, lust practically dripping from her words.