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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by MIASP...)

You walk up, grab Nikki’s ass, and say to your girlfriend, “this one is mine now.” Rachel nods, walks over to Alice, and begins to stick her tongue down her throat.

You turn your attention to your new, personal pussy. You bend her over your knee, pull down her pants, and begin to spank her ass. You can clearly see she has no panties on as you watch her ass jiggle. Yells of pain begin to echo down the hall. Alice begins to moan as your girlfriend fingers her through her panties.

You look back at the student bent over your knee, and you lock lips with her as you tear her panties to shreds. You set her up on the desk, and begin fisting her virgin pussy. The screams of pain get mixed with pleasure and become even louder. You impale her asshole right on your cock as you reach around and fist her pussy. The screams get even louder. Good thing these two were the last ones at the school.

A final scream of pleasure erupts next to you, and your girlfriend is now unconscious on top of Alice, they were tribbing so hard they both blacked out.

A scream of pleasure erupts from your own personal pussy too, as she blacks out from being completely filled.