Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by MIASP...)

“I definitely liked the little senior girl the best,” you say, already feeling a bulge forming in your pants.

“Ohhh. You like the tight, little nerds, don’t you?” Rachel asks, pushing her body right up against you. “Then let’s go find her.” She clutches your ass as she starts to walk down the now empty halls.

You find little Mia in the library studying for a test, because where else would she be and what else would she be doing? You and Rachel sit down across from her. “Hey, remember me?”

She nods.

“Good, because I’ve got a little proposition for you.”

She looks at you hesitantly. You look around to make sure no one else is watching, before reaching across the table and tearing her shirt open. She gasps as you do this and begin groping her tits, she struggles at first, but she barely weighs anything. You lift her up over your shoulder and carry her out of the library, and into an abandoned classroom.

You throw Mia down on a desk, she looks terrified now. “Babe, do you mind calming her down?”

Rachel walks over, plants her lips onto Mia’s, and slowly moves her hands down her body until she has all of Mia’s clothes off. You don’t think Mia even noticed.

You take this moment to undress yourself. When they break the kiss, Mia turns and sees your erect, six and a half inch cock directly next to her. You waste no time in slamming the giant rod down her throat. She begins choking on your cock, but pretty soon you don’t even need to move, as she starts doing all the work.

Your girlfriend walks up behind Mia and slides two fingers into the tightest little teen pussy you’ve ever seen. She screams, and the vibrations on your dick make you explode right in her mouth. You pull out and leave her to choke on your cum as you stand next to your girlfriend and start to slowly slide your dick into Mia’s asshole. Another scream, this time of pain, as your erect cock penetrates her virgin asshole.

“She’ll be screaming in pleasure soon,” you say to Rachel, who is too occupied eating Mia’s pussy to listen to a word you are saying.

You last a surprisingly long time for how tight Mia’s teenage asshole is. But everything comes to an end, and you leave two out of her three holes filled with cum. “Just one more to go,” you say as your girlfriend finishes giving Mia her third orgasm of the night.

You push your Rachel down on the desk next to Mia, and you slam a whole fist straight into her. She has enough lubrication that it slides in and out fairly easy. As your girlfriend starts moaning, groaning, and screaming, you slam your cock into Mia. The screams double as you slowly thrust into her, building speed and trying to maintain a decent rhythm. It’s hard though, when your girlfriend is next to you screaming in pleasure.

You put one hand on Mia’s tits to keep her flails of pleasure controlled, and you soon just start pinching and biting her nipples as you fuck her. She cums four times and blacks out on your dick before you finally run out of steam. You quickly pull out and cum directly into her mouth.

The screams die down as all of you lie there, trying to catch your breath. None of you will forget this fucking for a long time.

“What… Should we… Do with her… Now?” your girlfriend asks, wheezing.

You think about that for a moment.