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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“Mmmm, that sure looks tasty!” you hear a familiar voice say. You whip around and there’s your girlfriend walking sexily toward the bed, hips swaying, licking her lips. She’s wearing only a yellow close-fitting tank top, her dark thick patch of pubic hair popping out from below it.

“Shit, I don’t know you were here,” you say.

“That’s okay, I was getting dressed when you two came in from the bathroom,” she replies. “I hoped you wouldn’t notice me so you wouldn’t stop. I just stood there and, um, diddled myself while I watched.”

Monica giggles. Rachel lies on the bed next to Monica and gets close to her face. “That’s my cum, you know,” she smiles. “You didn’t swallow any, did you?” She licks a stream of your jizz off her girlfriend’s cheek and neck.

“No,” Monica says, “I just kind of let it land.”

Rachel wipes a blob off Monica’s forehead and pinches some out of her hair with her fingertips, then slurps it off. Her mouth then grabs a couple more patches of gooey stuff off her upper lip and chin. “Wan’ fome?” she askes, trying not to laugh, obviously having quite a mouthful by this time.

“Sure,” Monica replies, wrapping her arms around your girlfriend’s neck. The two ladies seal their mouths together as Monica moans and purrs. She and your girlfriend French kiss passionately for what seems like a minute, opening their mouths a few times to lick each other’s tongues as the pass the sperm and spit back and forth. Rachel licks her friend’s face and neck again, indicating that they swallowed — well, they swallowed whatever didn’t leak out of their kiss and dribble down their chins.

“Whoaaaah,” you hear yourself say.

The two of them laugh. “Is that hot?” Monica asks you. “Do you like watching me eat your cum out of your girlfriend’s mouth?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s hot!” you tell them.

“So,” Rachel says to you, “you came twice in the last half hour. You must be spent.”

Looking at Monica, she asks, “did you cum?”