Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“So….” you offer, “do you want me to return the favor? I think it would be kind of hot to put my toes inside you.”

Rachel giggles. “Um, okay!”

You start fumbling around with her panties with your feet, and within a couple minutes you are able to work them off with just your feet, despite the awkwardness and laughing. Your toes comb through her pubic hair, and you hear and feel the squishing of her moist twat.

She lies back, spreads her legs wider, and closes her eyes, moaning and wiggling while one foot, then the other, pushes into the warm wet folds of her womanhood. You dig your heel in as she grinds her pussy against it.

After a few minutes, Rachel sits up and tells you to roll over on your back. “I want to ride them,” she announces as she pulls off her shirt. You wiggle the toes of one foot while she squats and lowers herself onto them. You move the other foot up to her chest and start rubbing her tits with it through her bra. Your girlfriend looks so fucking hot bouncing up and down on your foot. She is steadying herself with one hand, so you watch amused as she fumbles with the other hand to unclasp the front of her bra — after two or three tries, it comes open and her pert little titties pop free. She grabs your higher leg and gyrates one of her tits on that foot, working the stiff erect nipple in between your toes. She spits on your foot, and while she rubs her slick titty around, you see her mouth working up some more. She then spits and drools a bigger glob, making a nice wet sloppy mess between your foot and her tit.

Her hips are thrusting faster and faster as she’s gasping and moaning louder and louder. “Yeah, fuck those toes, sweetie, fuck ‘em!” you shout.

“Yeah, I’m fucking them! I’m fucking your toes with my juicy little cunt! I can’t fit all your toes in my hole, but I can feel the others on my clit!”

Letting out a big “aaaaahhhh,” Rachel spits another mouthful of saliva on your toes while she continues to grind her tit into them. You grab at her hard nipple with your toes, the open cups of her bra flopping around and slapping her jiggling titties. She is panting and thrusting and bouncing, breathing and gasping harder. “Oh yeah, I’m cumming,” she blurts out. “Foot-fuck me, get those toes up in there, make me cum make … meeee … cuuuuuum!” She shivers and bucks wildly, emitting a long series of high-pitched moans as you feel her pussy juice running down your foot. Her orgasm subsides, and she collapses half on top of you and half beside you. “Oh wow.”

“Yeah,” you tell her as you caress her back and bare butt and still-stockinged thighs, “that was hot.”