Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“I’ve always kind of wanted to watch pornos with you,” Rachel tells you. You both laugh nervously.

“Oh really?” You wonder if you should offer some sites online you’ve seen, but don’t want her to know that you’ve already been there, so you wonder what she has in mind as a way to get the videos. Then, a thought: “Like, record some of the ‘adult’ shows from HBO or whatever?”

She laughs. “No, I mean real pornos — that stuff is hardly worth it.”

“Oh?” you eye her.

“Well, I’ve seen some of it. When they come on at night I’ve looked at some for a few minutes, but you can’t really see anything.” Then she adds, “Well, I mean you can’t see everything, just butts and boobs. There are a lot of butts and boobs, but it’s not, you know, like the real thing. I hear they’re all like that so I never really cared.”

“Okay,” you say, “So, what, drive out the interstate and pick up some DVDs from the ‘XXX Adult Megaplex’ or whatever?

“Well, no…” she trails off. She’s trying to tell you something but can’t get it out.

“Whaaaat…?” you ask.

“Well, I kind of already have some.” She smiles shyly.


“You don’t think I’m a perv, do you?”

“Um, no. Well, maybe, but in a good way! You’re my little perv!” You kiss her and you both laugh. Not nervous laughing, but playful laughing. The tension just about instantly disappeared, and now you’re just excited and can tell she is too. “So… how’d you get them? Am I going to find out about your secret stash hidden under the floorboards?”

She laughs. “Come on,” she gets out of bed and twirls around. She beckons with her finger, “follow me.”

You watch her bouncy naked ass as she skips out of the room. “Yeah, I’d follow that anywhere,” you call after her as she disappears toward the front of the house. She didn’t bother to put any clothes on, so you decide not to either. You go after her, finding her in the kitchen, digging in her purse.

“Ta-daaaa!” She pulls out a portable USB hard drive. “So, it’s kinda funny, we were talking about watching porn a little at work. Well, not watching at work, but, at work, we were talking about watching. Mostly just us girls were, but that weird guy Ricky was around and cracked a couple jokes about it.”

She hands you the drive. “So a couple days later I opened my lunch bag, and there was this drive, with the note…” It’s done ransom-note style, cut out paper letters of different fonts and sizes: “enJoY wITh yOuR boyfriend.”

“Creepy,” you say.

“Yeah, but intriguing. It’s totally full of porn. I peeked.” She giggles. “Don’t worry, I scanned it for viruses and everything — no way I was going to risk it without being careful!” You love having a girlfriend who’s not only hot, but smart and pretty tech savvy. “Wanna have a look?”

“Sounds… uh, intriguing,” you reply calmly. But inside, you’re screaming, fuck yessss, let’s do this!

She grabs the drive from you and leads you into the living room. Turning on your 60“ smart TV, she bends over (oh, yeah!) and peeks her head around to examine the back and sides. Apparently finding the USB input, she plugs it in and backs up, joining you on the couch. She flips through the menus on the remote to view the drive. ”Scanning…“

You look at each other after a minute. “Hmm,” she says, “still scanning.”

“Let it go, maybe it’s-”

“BAM!” Rachel exclaims, as a list of directories finally appears. “Shit, 878 files in 17 directories? We’ll be here all night!” You both laugh.

“Or all year,” you say.

She hands you the remote. “You drive… where to, sweetie?” She smiles big and bats her eyes at you.

Looking through the list of directories, you wonder if you should start off tame or go for something totally wild….