Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“Well, since you brought it up that you want me to pee on you, I’ll give you mine first.”

“Oh, first, so, that means you’ll let me pee on you also?”

“Um, yeah, I kind of have wanted to do this myself.”

“Great, so… where do you want to do it?”

“It’s your fantasy, sweetie,” you tell her, pulling her close and kissing her, “so you get to pick. I’ll do it wherever you want to… well, not in the middle of Starbucks or anything!” This makes her giggle. “What’s your fantasy? When you think about me peeing on you, where is it?”

“Um,” she says nervously, “outside?”

“That sounded like a question.”

“Outside!” Rachel says emphatically, jumping up out of bed. She grabs your hands and pulls you up. “Come outside with me and pee on me!”

You hold hands with your girlfriend and she walks to the back door and opens it up. It’s chilly out tonight, but not too cold. Your back yard is shielded by trees, so you’re not worried about anyone seeing you. She walks out into the cool grass, and, kind of to your surprise, lies down and rolls over a couple times.

“Oooo, you look hot, your little naked self rolling around in the grass.”

“It’s kind of cold, though — I could use something to warm me up.”

“I think I have just the thing,” you reply, pointing your semi-stiff pecker at her. You let go with a controlled stream, the piss splattering on her stomach and thighs. Her pubic hair glistens from the wetness.

“Oh, yes,” she says softly, “let it go, take your hand away.”

You let go of your dick, and it springs upward a little, making the stream arch higher and wet the grass next to her. She squirms and you back up and adjust, the strong stream splashing all over her stomach and tits. She reaches out with her hands and lets your piss run all over them. She rolls over once, out of the piss stream. “Come and get me.” You step forward and start drenching her again, then keep walking forward to keep it on her as she rolls over twice more.

By then, you are slowing to a trickle, and stand over her, drizzling her tits while she rubs it all over. “Oooo, that’s so warm! It feels so good!” A couple more little spurts, and you’re about finished. “Shake it,” she tells you. “Don’t hold it, just shake it around.” Hands above your head, you thrust and move your pelvis so that your penis bobs up and down while the last drops fly out.

Now up on her knees right under you, your dick resting on her face, Rachel gives it a few kisses on the shaft and the tip. “Mmmm, thank you,” she tells your dick. “Thank you for warming me up.”