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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You can’t help it — it’s been such a long time since you finished in Rachel’s mouth, so you just have to take this opportunity to do it, and Monica seems willing.

Making sure not to be a total jerk, you at least give her some warning: “Oh, I’m gonna cum, oh, yeah.” Monica’s head bobs slowly but more deeply and with firmer sucking. “Uh!” You hold her head in your hands. “Oh I’m cumming, ohhhh.”

You are kind of surprised that giving her this much time doesn’t make her take her mouth off your cock — or her eyes off yours. She just keeps sucking and taking the whole shaft deep. You release what’s been built up, gushing a long load of cum up into her mouth. “Uhhhh, uuuhhhmmmm, wwwhhuuuuu….”

Monica doesn’t break the seal, but continues to slide her mouth tightly up and down on your dick, looking into your eyes, which widen a couple times as she almost smiles. “Oooooo wooooow….” A couple huge gushes later, she slows, and you can feel her tongue swirling around your shaft, as her pretty green eyes are still looking into yours. She stays there for a minute, and you can feel her breathing heavily through her nose.

As Monica finally pulls her lips off your dick, she continues to look at you — but your eyes fall to her mouth, which you notice is slightly open, allowing a huge river of thick nasty whitish fluid to pour out. Her tongue comes out and down, wagging back and forth, and the semen/saliva cocktail gushes down her chin. She is kind of sitting up, twisted just sideways enough that the goo has to travel over one of her tits, instead of between them, before dripping the rest of the way down her body and pooling in her lap.