Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“I thought you’d never ask!” you laugh, standing up beside the bed. You open the drawer of the nightstand and grab the box of condoms — a variety pack. “Pick one, and wrap me up!”

Monica giggles as you dump a bunch of condoms out of the box into her hands. She sits up on the edge of the bed, a leg on either side of you. “Awww, such a gentleman, being all careful. I think I’m even wetter now. Hmmm, flavored… ribbed… lubricated, pshhh, don’t need that… what’s this, studded? Ha ha. Well, I want to feel you, so, let’s go with this one, ultra thin, and a brand I trust!” She tears open the package and places the condom on the tip of your penis. “Here, hold this,” she giggles. Your boner is sticking straight up, so it can sit there without falling off. She puts the rest of the condoms back in the box and stows it in the nightstand.

Turning her attention back to your cock, she laughs and pats it with her finger. “Hee hee, it’s like he has a little hat on! Here, let’s pull that down.” She rolls it down a little over your dick head, then holds it at the top with one hand while rolling it the rest of the way down with the other, leaving plenty of room at the tip for catching what (you hope) will shoot out in a little while.

Lying back on the bed, Monica opens her legs wide. “Okay, let’s do this, put it in me.” You rub the tip of your dick up and down her pussy slit and she responds by pushing forward and telling you “Fuck me! Stick your dick in there and do me!”

You oblige and just go for it. You plunge your dick slowly but firmly all the way inside all at once, filling her vagina completely. “Uuuuuuhhhhhhhnnnnnhhhhh!” she lets out a long loud grunt, throwing her head back. You leave it in for a couple seconds, then pull it almost all the way out till just the head is in, and then plunge it all the way in again the same way. Monica almost screams, letting out a sharp high-pitched moan as she feels her pussy stretch around your cock. After three more of these, you increase the speed, fucking her balls-deep with steady strokes. “Oh, fuck yes, that’s good. Uh huh huh, fuck me deep like that, give it to me.” You lean over her and continue to push deep inside with thrust after thrust, while she puts her hands behind your neck and bucks her hips up at you. “Oh, yes I’m so glad you’re inside me, this feels fantastic. Oh, I so wanted your dick in me!”

You continue fucking your girlfriend’s hot friend like this for a couple of minutes, but you feel like you’re going to cum already so you slow it down. You just stand there still with just the tip inside while Monica fucks you. Your dick pops out, and you slide it up and down on her slit and slap her pussy lips with it a few times. She sits up and grabs it, jerking a few times. “Put it back in, fuck me some more.” You feel your cock push deeply into her vagina again as she scoots forward to swallow it all. She wraps her arms around you and fucks you hard, crushing her naked hot body into yours over and over again.

“Oh, I so wanted this too,” you tell her, “This is so great, you feel so fucking great.” You pull out and kiss her. As she holds your dick, you tell her, “I’m so glad you let me fuck you. I really have wanted to do you for a long time.”

Monica smiles. “Well, keep doing me then!” She repositions herself on the bed, head propped up on the pillows, legs open, beckoning you with her finger.

“Oh, yeah, I want to do you more. Here it is, you want it in you again, huh?” You climb on top and rub your dick on her pubic hair.

“Yes, put it in me Ross, put that condom-covered dick in my twat, she wants you bad!” Your new lover grabs you and guides you to her wet open hole, and you collapse on to her, burying your cock all the way inside again, while she screams out in delight.

“Here it is, Monica, here’s my condom-covered cock. You want it, you got it, take it deep, feel it all the way up in you!”

“Uh, yes, give it to me, I feel it, it’s all the way up in there.” After a couple minutes of getting stuffed full of your manhood, she puts a hand down there and starts rubbing herself. “Oh, yes, don’t stop, do me, do me, do me deep.” You keep ramming your cock up into her as she pleasures herself, noticing her moans getting higher and shorter. She shivers and grunts erratically, squeezing you with her legs. As she calms and wraps both arms around you again, you slow down and pull out to keep from cumming.

“Awww, no more inside me?” she asks.

“I don’t want to cum yet.”

“I just did!”

“Oh wow, yeah, that was pretty hot.”

“But if you don’t want to cum yet, then, give it a rest.” She guides your hand between her legs. “But she doesn’t need a rest, she wants to be petted.” You masturbate her, and she covers your hand with hers. “Inside,” she looks into your eyes lustfully, “put your fingers inside.” You dig three fingers into her dripping wet snatch, feeling her out while she leans into you to kiss you. After probing your mouth with her tongue a few times, she lies back and opens her legs more. “Oh yes, you like that? You like stuffing your fingers in my hot cunt?”

“Wow, yes, it feels so… warm and wet!” You don’t know why, but her use of the word cunt like that just cranked your excitement up a couple notches. You love hearing a pretty girl talk filthy like that.