Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“MMMmmmmm you feel so good Monica,” you tell her, “oh, this is so good.”

“You’ve wanted this for a long time, haven’t you, Ross?”

“Oh yes, so much so.”

“Me too.” She rides you harder as you grab her boobs, thrusting up into her. You don’t want to cum yet, so you push her off of you to get her on her back. She grabs a towel from the massage table and puts it under her ass as she lies back. “Just in case,” she smiles.

You climb on top of her, kissing her tits and neck and arrive at her lips. Grabbing your butt with both hands, she tells you, “put it inside, fill me up.” Your dick slides in as she moans, “oh, that’s it.”

You start humping her. “Oh, that’s great, Monica, you feel so great.” You grab a tit while you feel her legs wrap around you. You want to bend down to suck it but you can’t, so you kiss her neck and ear.

“MMmmm, yessssss,” she purrs. “Do it to me, give it to me, you feel so good.” She is humping back against you, faster, panting. “Fuck me, give it to me, fill me up.” She kisses you passionately and grabs your ass like she’s trying to pull you inside deeper.

You can’t stand it — you are going to cum. You feel kind of bad for cumming so quickly, and you try to tell yourself that “fill me up” means “cum in me” instead of “keep fucking me”, so you think she wants you to, or at least expects it. “Uhhh, yes, yesssss….” You can’t stop, but you can’t cum inside of her not knowing if she’s on birth control, so you slip your dick out and rub it against her pelvis as it erupts. “oooohhh, uhhh,” you moan as your cum flows out onto her pubic hair and stomach, You kiss her a few times, then roll off.

Monica turns toward you and smiles. “Ooooh, that was great.” You can kind of tell she’s acting, and you are a little embarrassed that you came so quickly and didn’t do more or make her cum.

She stands up and grabs the towel. “Ooooh, good thing we had this, I think it saved your sheets from getting wet.” She wipes the wetness off her and hands you the towel. “I’m going to clean up, you made me kind of messy.”

Should you let her go, or stop her?