Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“Um, no.” Monica looks at you. “Sorry Ross, it was great, I mean it felt so good having you do me hard and fast like that. I love it, it’s just… I didn’t cum, no.”

“Well, maybe a woman’s touch is what you need.” Rachel looks at you and smiles. “We’re going to leave you out of this, if you don’t mind.”

You confine yourself to a small corner of the bed, sitting up so that you can have a good view. “Well, you’re right, I am pretty spent, so you two go right ahead.”

The two beautiful ladies passionately kiss each other, stroking and caressing and making a lot of “mmmmm” sounds. They lick each other’s tongues and giggle, then take turns kissing ears and necks. Rachel is on top, so her hair covers her friend’s face — Monica sputters and pulls a bit of your wife’s hair out of her mouth. There’s a lot of giggling.

When Rachel scoots up and straddles her friend, you can see both of their glorious patches of pubic hair together. Monica’s is lighter and thinner and more trimmed — you catch yourself wondering which you like better, but, what the fuck, they’re both beautiful in their own way. Rachel is actually grinding her crotch against her girlfriend’s pubic mound, much the same way as she grinds herself on you when she rides you balls-deep. Sometimes her hands grab on to your chest; now this is exactly what’s she’d doing to Monica, but maybe even harder — she has a tight grip on her friend’s boobs while she fucks against her body.

Rachel’s grinding slows, and her grabbing turns to caressing, she herself getting caressed by her pretty friend’s hands. It’s like she’s dancing slowly and seductively, moving her hips and definitely still fucking, but freeing her hands to float out and up. Propping herself up on one hand, Monica uses the other hand to push Rachel’s shirt up over her titties. They are so firm, just sticking out from her chest, not bouncing or jiggling because her movements are slow enough. Her arms lift and twirl above her head and Monica takes that as a cue to push the shirt all the way off over her head. As Monica lies back on the bed and grabs gentle handfuls of your girlfriend’s breasts, Rachel finishes pulling the shirt off her arms and flings it to the floor. You just about can’t believe your eyes, watching as your beautiful bare naked girlfriend is swaying in ecstasy on top of another woman.

Monica sits up, arms around Rachel, her face inches from her titties. As Rachel caresses her hair, Monica begins gently and sensually licking her soft breasts, mostly the skin around the sides and in between, but occasionally a nipple. Rachel leans back and Monica leans forward, running her tongue lightly over different parts of her chest. You continue to stare, amazed by how long the licking lasts — just licking, and licking, and licking. You so want to just jump in there or at least say something, but you refrain, just giving your girlfriend and her hot friend the time they want to enjoy each other. Assuming Rachel has wanted this for a long time, you don’t want to spoil it for her.

Monica’s licking gets more adventurous: she runs her tongue up to Rachel’s neck for a while, gives her chin a few licks, then returns to her chest. After licking one nipple then the other a few times each, she licks all the way up to Rachel’s face, swirling her tongue around her jaw and neck, then returns to give the nipples some more attention.

Monica begins to lightly suck on your girlfriend’s nipple as Rachel caresses and lightly pinches one of Monica’s tits. You watch as your beautiful friend makes passionate love to Rachel’s breasts, sucking the nipples, a little harder now. One of them moans, maybe both, who cares? You feel your dick begin to grow into a boner again, but you don’t want to move or say anything to interrupt them. Rachel gyrates slowly, feeling her friend’s breasts as she gets hers sucked, breathing more deeply and grunting softly. After a couple more minutes, Monica releases her mouth from Rachel’s tits and kisses up to her neck and face. The two women kiss each other’s mouths slowly and deeply, Monica looking up into Rachel’s eyes as Rachel gazes down at her.

Your girlfriend’s naked body finally separates from her beautiful lover’s. You wonder… are they finished? Just changing positions? Or will they invite you back in?