Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

The next day, Rachel tells you that she’s arranged with Monica for the four of you to meet for breakfast on an upcoming Saturday. Not this Saturday, because Monica says later in the month would be better. The rules are: after breakfast, you will go off with each other’s partner to spend the whole day and night with the other, then meet back for breakfast the next morning to swap back. So, 24 hours of whatever you want to do with (and to!) your new partner (and hopefully lover), with no pressure to reveal details afterward.

Saturday morning finally arrives, and you and Rachel dress nicely and drive to meet up with the other couple. Rachel and her boyfriend (you are introduced but forget his name because, who cares?) will be spending the night at his place; you learn that Monica is house-sitting for a friend — that’s why the previous weekends wouldn’t be as good, she says, because they have a nice house and it would be exciting to stay there rather than at her shitty (her word) apartment.

When breakfast is over, you walk out to the parking lot to say your goodbyes. You hug and kiss Rachel on the lips. “Bye honey, have a good time. See you tomorrow.”

“You too!” She kisses you back. Then Monica grabs your hand as you lead her to your car, playfully bumping hips with you. A couple nearby, and a group of four older ladies, give you weird confused looks.

You open the car door for her. “Thank you, kind sir,” she says. After she gets in, you skip around to the other side and climb in the driver’s seat. “O . M . G . Did you see those people?” she busts out laughing. “They gave us the dirtiest looks. It’s like, why did she kiss him and then hold hands with the other one, that’s, huh!”

“Yeah, they looked… confused.”


“Scandalous!” You both laugh. “Hey, can we get something over with, to break the ice?”

“I thought that was what breakfast was for.”

“Well, yeah, but…” You lean in to kiss her, and she responds by leaning into you. You give her several soft slow kisses, and she gets a little tongue in a couple of them. You touch each other’s arms, and you bring a hand up to her face and caress her hair while you make out with her for a minute.

Monica sits back. “Whew.”

“Thank you,” you say.

“Omigosh,” she whips her head around in fake shock. “What if they saw us?”

“We better get out of here. Where to?”