Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Monica pushes you onto your back and climbs on top, locking her fingers with yours. Your dick actually got semi soft, but she still likes it. She grabs it and flips it around, making it harder again. “How you doing down there?” she asks, smoothing the condom down. “Gotta make sure everything is still on okay.” Upon closer inspection, she proclaims, “Yep. Looks like he’s ready for more action.” She rubs her pussy back and forth on your dick shaft, and once you’re fully erect again you’re trying to stick it back inside her.

“Oh, now you’re begging to stick it in me now, huh?” she giggles, grabbing it and opening her hole back up with it, rocking back so that she completely engulfs you again.

“Oh, yeah, Monica, that’s it, wow, take it, let me fuck you good,” you moan.

“You are fucking me good, soooo good.” Monica rocks back and forth, grinding her crotch into yours, cramming you deep inside with each backward thrust.

“I’m not going to be able to stop,” you say, grabbing her tits. You lie there as still as you can, while she does the work, to keep from cumming too fast. She kisses you open-mouthed while she slows down and gyrates from side to side for a couple minutes, during which time you grab and caress her ass and rub her back and neck.

Then she hovers over you, looking into your eyes. “I want to fuck you good, I want to fuck you fucking hard as fuck!” She starts bouncing up and down and breathing more heavily, her tits jiggling ferociously.

“I’m not going to be able to stop,” you repeat. You don’t think she cares, because she’s continuing to amp-up her thrusting.

“Grab my tits.”

Sure, no problem! You grab them and she moans. “Hold them, hold my titties while I fuck you hard!” You squeeze her titties together, and circle your thumbs and forefingers around them. After playfully grabbing at them with your fingertips, you pinch her stiff nipples. You run the back of your fingers over the nipples a few times, and then just grab both entire tits and hold on as she fucks you.

“Oh I’m going to cum,” you say. She keeps after you, fucking and fucking like she really wants you to cum. You start to erupt, still holding her tits. “Uuuuhhh!”

Monica bounces up and down on you as your release your orgasm. “Give it to me Ross, yeah.”

“I am.”

She slows but still is grinding on your dick. “Right now?”


“You’re filling up that condom right now? You’re squirting all your cum up into it while it’s inside me?”


“Mmmmm, that condom is getting full, isn’t it?” She is gyrating slowly now. “Does that feel good? It feels so good to know you came inside of me.”