Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Rachel stands up and throws her arms around you for a big kiss. “My turn. I guess you’ll have to lie down, too, because… you know, I can’t make mine go up in the air.” You don’t want to lie in your own urine, so you walk over to the concrete patio. “Here?” you ask, indicating one of the lounge chairs. She agrees and you lie back, ready for the deluge.

Rachel stands right next to you and plants her right foot a little ways from her left to part her legs. As soon as her knees bend forward some, a splattering stream of her pee flows from her pussy and wets your chest and arm and shoulder. You pull your head to one side sharply to avoid the rogue trickle that gets the side of your face, and she pops her legs closed so that her pee stops, and stands up straight. “Omigosh, I’m sorry!” She bends over and touches your leg. “I’m so sorry, I totally didn’t mean to pee on your face!”

“It’s okay,” you assure her. It’s just a little right here. I guess you were just so excited that you couldn’t control yourself.“

“Thanks for understanding. I’m new at this, you know.”

“You’ve never peed before?” you ask in fake shock.

She laughs. “New at aiming it, you… silly!”

“How about this?” she straddles you and squats closer, fingering open her labia to expose her pink insides. A more controlled stream of piss begins to flow forth from her urethra, scoring a direct hit on your chest, wetting and warming your entire upper body.

“Let go, no hands,” you tell her. She stands there giggling (which makes her tits jiggle, which you would notice if your eyes weren’t fixed on the surge of pee emerging from her glorious bush), hands on her hips, drenching you in the warm liquid.

Rachel lets out an excited but not-too-loud “Wooo hooo,” as her hips swirl around. She raises and lowers herself, emptying her bladder all over you, some pee running down her legs. She grabs the top of the chair, one hand on either side of your head, titties bouncing in front of your face, as the flow slows to a trickle. She pops her hips forward a few times, little pee spurts jetting out with each thrust. She rubs her crotch on your stomach and chest as if to wipe herself off, but of course everything is all wet so it’s probably just for fun.

You scoot up to a more sitting position, legs on each side of the chair. Your girlfriend sits in front of you with her legs open and draped over yours, smiling big at you. “So, yeah, that just happened,” she says, pointing all around at the puddle of pee under you. She leans forward and kisses you and holds you tight, scooting up into your lap. You sit like that for a minute, caressing each other, enjoying the warmth from each other’s bodies in contrast to the cool night air.