Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You decide to ease into things, and pick the ‘boy-girl’ directory. 73 files. You sort the list by filename and scroll through, then sort by duration. Some have some hints at content, like ‘anal’, ‘blowjob’, or ‘punish’, but most are just strings of characters with maybe a name or date or size in them.

You ask Rachel, “you want to pick a shorter one to get started with?”

“I dunno, whatever you want.”

“No… we have to agree. You were the one who started this, you know.” You smile at her. “Full cooperation, full participation.”

“Okay,” she agrees.

“I don’t want to get into a 30 minute one and then one of us wants to stop and the other wants to know why and all that awkwardness.”

“That makes sense. Try a short one with a name that doesn’t have anything weird in it.”

“Oh? What’s ‘weird’? Weird for you or weird for me?”

“Good point! I guess we’re kind of going out on a limb here and will find out your weird and my weird aren’t the same, huh?”

You position the selector over a file called “mshf.nina.kyle_1080”, 10:28. You look at your girlfriend and hold the remote out toward the TV. “Ready?”

“Let’s do it!”

You push OK, and the video starts. A few seconds of title screen, and you have to adjust the volume down. The scene starts off cheesy, of course: a guy (probably Kyle?) answers the door and a bubbly slutty-dressed blonde (probably Nina?) asks if Debbie is home; of course not so the girl comes in; somehow a contrived dialog leads to them say they’ve always secretly wanted each other, but Debbie is her friend and this is Debbie’s brother. A couple minutes in, and she’s straddling him on the couch and he pulls off her shirt to suck her big porno-chick tits. She undoes his pants and starts sucking his dick (pretty much devoid of pubic hair), with lots of exaggerated motions and moans. He stands up and off come his pants; he turns her around and pulls her shorts off and actually tongues her butthole.

“Yick,” Rachel says. You make a noise too. But the positions switch soon enough. After rubbing her shaved pussy, he does her from behind doggy-style, and fingers her in the butttoo. Rachel blurts out “ewww!”

You pause the second the camera angle changes (because you don’t want to pause on the finger-in-butthole scene). The frame on the screen now is her “oh” face, eyes closed, big titties hanging down. You turn to Rachel. “Next?”

“Yeah, if you want.”

“No a big fan of the butthole stuff?”

“Uh, no, yuck.”

“Me neither. My guess is that this one will have a lot more. So, we got…” you click a button that resumes the scene of your friend Nina getting pounded from behind, and you read the timer “… barely five minutes into, what, 500 hours?” You press ‘stop’. “Not going so well so far.”

“Hey, I’m not letting you off that easy!” She grabs the remote from you.

“I didn’t say I wanted to stop altogether, just was sharing your disappointment, hopefully temporary disappointment.”

“Next up… Miami Marcela TF bang 2015! 12 minutes 40 seconds. Doo da-doooo!” She hits ‘play’.

“Hang on, pause,” you tell her. She does, on a frame of a Latina chick in a tight little red dress sitting on a couch smiling. “I think we have to make some rules.”

“Like what?”

You agree on some rules about what’s fast-forward-worthy and skip-worthy. And, although you think it would be hilarious to do sometime, tonight you’ll refrain from commentary.

Rachel is ready to go again. “Okay, Miss Marcela Miami, let’s see what you’ve got. And don’t make us fast-forward your ass!”

Marcela is interviewed by the guy behind the camera about where she’s from and what she likes sexually and stuff, then is introduced to the friend who takes off her dress. She’s less stereotypically-pornstar looking than “Nina”, with smaller natural-looking tits and no over-the-top makeup. The guy lays her down, pulls her panties aside, and eats her (shaved) pussy for a couple minutes. She takes his pants off and sucks his (bald) dick while he fingers her. Then her bra and panties come off (but her heels stay on) and he fucks her for a couple minutes. He sits down and she climbs on top and rides him, then turns around reverse-cowgirl style. After another minute of dick sucking, she kneels on the couch and he does her from behind. He pulls out, and she turns around and opens her mouth under his cock. He jacks it for a while as she tells him that she wants his cum, and he finally ejaculates onto her face — some in her mouth, which she drools out. The camera guy asks if she liked it and of course she says “yes”, and the scene ends.

You and Rachel look at each other. You made it all the way through this one. She smiles and asks you, “What did you think?”