Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“Go out on the highway that goes toward the lake. About 10 minutes. I’ll tell you where to turn,” instructs Monica.

At the first red light, she leans toward you. “Another kiss?” Of course! You kiss as she glides her hand over your thigh.

A few long deep kisses later, you look up and the light is green. “Shit!” As you accelerate you look in your rear-view mirror and see a couple of cars behind you. Monica looks back. “I wonder if they saw us. Didn’t honk, though, so we’re good.”

You catch yourself looking at her. “You look veeery nice, this morning, by the way.”

She twirls her hair. “Oh, thank you, so do you.” She is wearing pale blue pumps and a pretty light blue rose-printed pleated swishy short skirt with a high waist. Her top is a pretty white close-fitting blouse with short puffy sleeves, buttoned all the way up to her neck with a little tie at the top. Simple crescent-shaped blue-and-pink swirl earrings give her outfit a nice touch.

At the next red light, you’re at the highway. She catches you admiring her legs and little skirt. “You can touch,” she smiles. You caress her leg and decide to just be daring, sliding your hand to the inside of her thigh and all the way up to her crotch. “Oh,” she wiggles, “that sure is quite a touch.” You move your hand up over one of her breasts, at which she reaches over to your leg. “Oooh, go for it, big guy. I think we’ve wanted each other for a long time, haven’t we?”

“I know I have,” you say, pulling out onto the highway. “But you know, guys always fantasize but hardly ever really make the move.”

“I’m glad Rachel is willing to let me have you. This weekend is going to be delicious.”

“Let you have me? You mean let me have you, right?” You both laugh.

Monica grabs your crotch through your pants. You squirm, and she laughs playfully. She caresses your dick while you roll on down the highway. “It’s going to take all I have not to jump on top of you at the next light.” Your hand makes its way to her crotch too, and you run your finger up and down on her panties.

“You are making me so horny,” she admits.

“I think you were already horny.”

“True. I’ve been horny all morning thinking about today. And tonight.”

“What do you have planned?”

“Oh, a few particular things. You’ll know by tomorrow morning. But then, I think we’ll just wing it most of the time.” She grins. “That might be the most fun.”

“Right now, I’m making plans of my own,” you say.

“Oh yeah? Like what?”

“Heh, you’ll know by tomorrow morning.”

She punches you. “Fucker!”

“Hey, that’s part of the plan!”

She gasps, faking shock. “Talk about scandalous!”

For the next few minutes, you mix a little small talk in with the flirting while you drive. As you approach one light, Monica leans over toward you and gives your ear a lick. “I want you,” she whispers. You slip a couple fingers inside her blouse and feel something lacy and a soft mound of flesh above it. “Oh, and… ” you look expectantly at her. “Turn left here.” She smiles and snickers. Now you are on your way up into the hills — small hills, but hills.

Winding your way through a couple of pockets of houses for a few minutes, you come to a T in the road and stop. “Which way?”

“I almost can’t wait — I want to say ‘neither way’ and jump you right here.”

“Okay!” You put the car in ‘park’ and lean into her, kissing her lips wetly and running your hand over her breasts. You squeeze a handful as you give her some tongue.

Monica pushes you back, giggling. “Guess we gotta go — someone’s coming behind us.” You put the car in ‘drive’. “Straight,” she says. You hadn’t noticed really, but there’s a driveway across the road and off the right a few yards. You head down the driveway between the trees, arriving in front of what you assume is your destination, unless Monica is being silly.

You park and turn off the engine, get out and walk around to open the door for her. Stepping out, she says “thank you again, kind sir. Well, here we are.” It’s a nice house, not a mansion in any sense, one storey, and older, but looks to be in good shape, and the property is a huge lot. You guess the owners aren’t hurting for money. Popping the trunk and grabbing your bag, you follow Monica up to the front door.

She digs the key out of her purse and unlocks the door. Eyeing your bag, she says, “Whoa, it’s only one night. What have you got in there?”

“Hey, I didn’t know what to expect, so… let’s just say I came prepared for whatever I thought might come up.”

“Fair enough,” she says, putting the key back in her purse and stepping to the side.

“Where’s your bag? You got everything you need in there?”

“My stuff’s already here, silly!”

Duh, that was dumb, you tell yourself, and try to make fun of yourself. “I guess my brain just isn’t working right this early in the morning. Besides,” you add, “I’m smitten,” and smile big at her.

“Awwww,” she purrs.

You assume she’s expecting you to open the door, and don’t mind at all, so you turn the handle and push, following your cute little weekend companion inside. You pause for a second, reminding yourself that, whoa, this is your girlfriend’s best friend! Then you close the door behind you.