Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You are waaaay too embarrassed to just let this be the end of your first (and probably only, at this rate) experience with Monica. Your mind races. “Stop, no,” you tell her.

She is at the doorway, but stops and turns around. What the hell to say now? “I’m… come here…” She raises her eyebrows and approaches. “I’m not done with you, I mean, you’re not….”

She stands in front of you and you wrap your arms around her. Her naked tits are in your face, so you kiss them and start to lick them. Moving your hand to her crotch, you flick a nipple with your tongue, and you swear it’s getting just a little harder. Her pussy is soaking wet, and you hope that means she’s still really excited and will let you try to get her off. You pull her on top of you on the bed, then roll over so that she’s on her back and you’re kind of beside her and kind of on top. You swirl your fingers around in her pussy, feeling her wetness as her legs come open. Sucking a nipple, you find her clitoris and massage it. She does begin to breathe more heavily and arch her back up, so you figure you’re doing things right. You push your middle finger into her center and it slips in — there’s no resistance so you continue deeper until it’s all the way inside her.

“Oh,” she lets out a moan. “MMMmmm.” Licking her nipple and fingering her, you try your best to pleasure her. You scoot up to be face to face with her and start kissing her mouth while you keep sliding your finger in and out of her twat. “More,” she whispers. So you go faster. “No, more fingers, not just one.” You press three fingers together and push — they slide in easily, and she gasps. You climb on top so that you can go at both tits, and she wraps her arms around your head and plays with your hair. Finger-fucking her like this is a bit uncomfortable, so you think of something else.

You remove your fingers and stand on the floor between Monica’s legs, licking her tits and then down her toward her stomach. You remind yourself that you just came on her down there, so you skip down and kiss her inner thigh. You don’t see any of your cum on her pubic hair, so you figure you didn’t get her that far down, or she wiped it all off.

So, you’re going for it! You kneel on the floor and push her legs apart, planting a firm long French kiss right on her labia. You kiss a few times, then lick up and down the hairy wet slit a few times. You don’t get any indication from her that it’s giving her more pleasure, so you decide to go deeper. Spreading her pussy lips with your fingers, you expose her glorious wet pink vagina, and press your tongue into it. That must have done it, because Monica grabs your head and grinds her crotch into you, letting out a loud moan. You lick in circles around the outside of her labia, then plunge your tongue back into her vagina, making her moan and thrust again. Still holding her cunt wide open, you stick your tongue out as far as you can and stick it as deep as possible into her vaginal canal, wiggling it and letting out your own moan. Again and again, you jab your tongue into her.

“Put your fingers in,” she tells you. Not one, but three fingers of yours are happy to oblige, probing her pussy deeply. You try to lick her clit while you finger fuck her, and you think you’re having some success. After a couple minutes, you pull your fingers out and use them to part her labia again as your tongue flicks inside. You lap at her clitoris, then kiss and lightly suck at it, hoping that you can give her an orgasm.

“Oh, yesss, that’s great,” she tells you, gyrating and thrusting. “Eat my pussy, eat me out just like that.” Instead of changing it, up, you actually do what she asks, continuing to eat her out. Over and over again, your tongue and lips grope at her vaginal opening and clitoris, making her body grind and thrust faster and more steadily, She is holding the back of your head and actually fucking your face, grinding her cunt on your mouth furiously, calling out “uh, uh, huh, uh, oh, oh, ooo, uhh uuuhhh!!” Monica sits up and squeezes her thighs together on your head, and you feel her tremble as she cries out in pleasure.

You thing you did it! You think she’s cumming!

You want to be sure, though, and don’t let up, wiggling your mouth back and forth quickly with your tongue still buried inside. As she calms down from her shaking, you feel warm juices tricking down your chin, but you keep the seal of your open mouth over her pussy, tongue still giving strong licks deep inside.

You break the seal and lick slowly up and down on Monica’s hairy drenched outer labia, and she actually pushes your head away as if to indicate that you’ve done your duty. Resting your chin in her pubic hair, you look at her face over her naked titties, which are rising and falling quickly with her pants. She must sense your stare, because she opens her eyes and looks at you. A big smile breaks out, then a laugh. “Omigosh, I —” She takes another breath. “I came so hard.” Another breath. “I came so fucking hard!”