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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

After a minute, Rachel breaks the embrace and looks into your eyes, wrinkling up her nose. “Eww, kind of… stinky.”

“Yeah, that’s, um, pretty strong. And I’m surprised you’re not cold,” you tell her, rubbing her shoulders and back, drawing her close again.

“Fucking freezing,” she laughs, pushing you away. “Shower?”

“Shower,” you agree.

Rachel scampers back into the house, and you follow her. She’s wiping her feet on the rug, but fortunately you two are not dripping, even though still wet with each other’s pee. Grabbing a kitchen towel, Rachel wipes her legs and in between them, then hands it to you. “Can’t drip pee through the house!” You wipe your legs too, then lead her into the bathroom and turn on the shower. She rinses her hands, then grabs her hair and fastens it up on top of her head with a couple things she grabs from the drawer by the sink.

You hold each other close while the shower water warms up. You caress Rachel’s back and neck and she feels your butt, your semi-stiff pecker pressing into her. You let each other go, and you are surprised at the stickiness. She must be too, because she pushes against you and pulls apart a couple more times. “Oo, sticky,” she giggles.

You step into the shower with her, and the two of you twirl around, letting the water run all over you. “Ooooo, warm!” she smiles, cuddling her arms close to her as you grab the soap. She raises her arms and sways, and you can’t help but run your soapy hands all over her naked skin.

You wash each other sensually, being sure to get all of each other’s parts below the neck, careful to not get your heads wet. You spend an extra long time, taking turns soaping each other then rubbing your soapy bodies on each other. You rub your erection all over her playfully: her ass, her hips, her stomach, her lower back. She plays with it too, slapping it lightly, pulling on it, and poking the tip.

You think about doing her right there in the shower, but then again think it might be fun just to leave it playful like this and let the peeing stand out as the highlight of the night.