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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“Oh, putting me on the spot?” you reply. “Well, that was a lot better. Of course, because we got through it without skipping. Makes me feel like the rest might not be so bad. What did you think?”

“First thought: stupid and ridiculous, what they say and do and look like… but then, it’s meant to just be a turn on to watch people straight up fuck. So if you just look at it that way… it kind of works!”

“Right, you don’t watch this stuff for character development or cinematography. Next?”

“Sure. OK, Marcela, you’re the one to beat!” says your girlfriend happily.

The next one goes for five minutes before a couple fast-forwards make it skippable. Then there’s one that’s almost seventeen minutes of a chubby older woman with big fake floppy tits doing it with a young goofy skinny guy (the “son’s friend” or “friend’s mom” depending on the perspective). You want to skip because it is just not a turn on, but you tough it out because there isn’t anything that has been deemed skippable. Another skippable one follows. You and Rachel are holding on to hope. It’s getting late — well, it’s already past late and getting early now, but you really want to finish on a high note. But now since you’re going in order by duration, you’re up to twenty-minute videos, and you are risking spending two hours watching lame stuff that’s not even turning you on.