Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You quickly retreat back around the wall, out of their sight, thinking quickly enough to look at them as you do to gauge whether they saw you or not. You don’t think so. Your mind races — you would like to just step out there naked, assuming Monica wants you and Rachel wants her to have you. Kind of puzzling, because your girlfriend hasn’t been this forward before. Hell, you didn’t even know she owned a dildo. But then, the first time you do something crazy like this, especially since you’d like to make a good impression on her friend, you want it to last, and to be kind of ‘special’, as funny as that sounds.

You quietly go back upstairs to the bedroom, thinking. Morning breath! Gotta get rid of that. You brush your teeth, even floss, and take a swig of mouthwash to gargle. You have to pee, so you take care of that. You think now’s the time to wear the skimpy briefs that Rachel got you for fun a while back, so you find them in the back of a drawer. You grab your silk pajama pants and pull them on over your briefs, tying them up. You don’t figure you have time to shave, and want to look more ‘natural’ anyway, so what else? Another mouthful of mouthwash to gargle, wet a washcloth and wipe out your armpits just in case, and give yourself a subtle light shot of body spray. Okay, you think you’re ready now, so you head down toward the kitchen. How to make your entrance?

“Hey, Rachel,” you say, walking into the kitchen, faking a sleepy voice and a sleepy walk. “Did you say you wanted to go to that — Whoah!” You fake surprise at seeing Monica there with her.

“Well hey there, sleepy head!” Rachel greets you.

“Yeah, hey there Ross,” Monica adds.

“Um, hi… sorry… let me go put some more clothes on.”

“No no no,” Rachel says. “Come here, you’re fine.”

“Yeah, silly man. I mean, look at us,” Monica tells you, looking down and pulling on her bra strap. “Can I kiss your husband?” shoe asks.

“Wow,” you say, looking wide-eyed at your girlfriend.

“Make yourself at home,” Rachel giggles.

Monica puts her arms around your neck and kisses your lips softly. “Mmmm, you smell nice.” Score one for Ross, you think to yourself! She kisses again and you kiss back, arms around her waist. “I’ve wanted to have you for a long time.” After more kisses, deeper this time, you notice Rachel smiling at you. “Tell me the truth — have you ever thought about having me?”

You look at Rachel, who looks back at you quizzically. There’s no way you can lie — they’d both see right through it. “Well, yeah, I guess the thought has popped into my head before… but it’s not like I spent time fantasizing….” Yeah, you did lie. And they probably know it.

The three of you make some small talk and wonder aloud about breakfast and the rest of the day, and Rachel puts some stuff away. You offer them something to drink, and while Rachel gets glasses you grab some juice out of the fridge, at which time someone smacks your ass while you’re bent over. It’s Monica. She laughs, “Couldn’t help myself. Sorry, not sorry. Coffee?” She goes to the sink and starts to fill the kettle with water.