Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“Okay, I know you’re not going to kill me, but please, don’t be mad, because you brought this up and I assume you want me to be honest but are willing to take it if I shock you.”

“Yep,” she agrees, “totally understood. I’d rather you be honest than hold back.”

“Monica.” Derp, it just came out without enough time for you to frame it. “I’ve always… well, I’ve sometimes caught myself wondering what it might be like with her.”

“Duh.” She looks at you, almost disappointed. “Of course Monica, I mean she’s cute and available and I can tell you would go for her if you were allowed. That’s it? I mean, that’s fine, but hardly shocking.”

“I didn’t finish.”


“Fernanda too.” Your girlfriend just looks at you. “The girl down the street, from Brazil I think.”

“I know who Fernanda is, silly.”

“You know the girl at work you met at the thing a couple months ago, Dana?”


“She’s the Assistant Data Analyst who does the reports and stuff. I told you about when she was frustrated that the company wouldn’t buy that modeling software….”

“The weird nerdy one? You think she’s hot?”

“I wouldn’t say ‘hot’, but, she kind of turns me on in a goofy awkward way. See, I can be shocking.”

She laughs. “That’s fine. No judging here. So, Dana, huh?”

“And the marketing partner we have in Chicago, there’s a Julie who’s smoking hot, sorry. I have thought about what it would be like if she invited me to um, ‘hang out’ next time I go up there.”

“Oh? tell me more.”

“Carl and Brenda down the street, who are out there playing with their kids all the time… Brenda’s hot.”

“Um, I meant tell me more about Julie, but, okay. So, Brenda the MILF, got it. And now I bet others… like Karolyn… and… ” She cocks her head sideways. “Not Amy?”

“Hey, no judgments, prepared to be shocked, remember?”

“Not judging, just pointing out that she’s your step-sister.”

“Well, technically, ex-step-sister. We’re not really related in any real way.”

“Yeah, I gotcha, and I could definitely see how you would go for her if you could.”

“So, I mean there are a bunch. Not that I’m prone to wandering from you or anything, it’s just, you know, I’m a guy and have urges and crazy thoughts, but never thought I’d actually follow through.”

“A bunch? That was just a few. Are there more?” She is having fun, not berating you.

“Well, if I would think long and hard, I could think of… oh, Elania at the coffee shop.”

“Ooo, another older woman!”

“Yeah, well….” You think some more. “Caitlyn the checker at the grocery store, there’s a young one for you.” She laughs.

“If I was totally honest….”

“Yessss…?” She looks at you nervously.

“More than one at the same time.”

“Typical guy there, ha,” she laughs. “A bit of a shock, but not really.”

“The point is, since there are several I find hot and might like to go for… how do we actually make a proposal? I mean, Carl would beat my ass if I tried to come on to Brenda. And I’d get fired and probably blacklisted if I said anything to Dana. Or Julie. I don’t know how I’d try to bring it up to one of our friends without them looking at me like a creeper after that.”

“Hmmmm, I know what you mean. Let’s think about this. I can’t believe I’m actually helping you with this, but I brought it up. I guess if I really want it to happen, maybe I’ll keep it in mind and try to work in silly conversations with friends and stuff to gauge interest. Or I can do some research… I wonder how other people go about it?”

“Wow, you seem to be putting a lot of thought into it!”

“Well, not yet… but I’m thinking about thinking about it.”

“Yeah.. thanks. Wow, I can’t believe we’re talking about this. ‘Hey honey, I want to try to help you find another woman for you to have sex with’!”

Rachel hugs you. “I know it’s weird. Just a thought. We don’t have to, but if you are up for it and I wake up tomorrow and still feel the same way, we can try to figure something out.”

“I guess the best thing is not to push it, but try to find ways to give us chances that might develop.” You kiss Rachel and cuddle with her and thank her for being crazy and willing to do new things, especially this kind of new thing.

As you lay there on your stomach falling asleep, you find yourself fantasizing about grabbing big handfuls of Brenda’s titties while you frantically ram your cock deeply into her from behind. All the while with her face buried in your girlfriend’s cunt.