Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Weeks pass. You seem to go to the cafe more often nowadays — sometimes you suggest it, sometimes Rachel does, and it’s almost always at night. A few times now, you and Rachel have sat there for long enough that you are the only customers for a few minutes, and three times you’ve struck up a conversation with Elania when she comes out to clean off tables. She’s the manager, and there are always one or two other employees there with her, so she can sit and talk for a bit when she wants to. The conversations have progressed, and the last two times she has sat and talked with you. Rachel was right — she’s very, um, ‘open’. She is from Prague, and talks about how sex there is way different, much more casual, and has shared, though not in detail, about things she has done, like visiting nude parks, getting caught having sex in public, flashing traffic from bridges with her girlfriends, doing stuff with nude chat websites, even turning down offers to be prostituted to athletes. She even said, jokingly, but you think truthfully, that she’d do you if Rachel would let her.

Tonight, you and your girlfriend stop by for dessert and coffee after dinner, knowing Elania’s schedule. There is one co-worker with her, who works there regularly — a plain-but-cute girl, probably in her teens, with long dark hair and a couple odd piercings. She greets you with familiarity and asks you what you would like. You tell her you’re going to grab a table and get dessert, but don’t know what yet. She hands you a menu and suggests a couple things — she’s really nice and personable, just the right kind of worker for this place. There is one couple in here — a middle-aged man and woman in the corner. The woman sure is a talker — he’s not loud, but she just keeps talking and talking while he listens, trying not to be bored.

Elania joins you and the three of you make small talk. She is very attractive, not the typical young perfect tight college girl every guy fantasizes about, but you think she’s hot. A great deal of her appeal is her confidence and maturity and relatability and obvious intelligence, but she’s also quite pretty, with dark blonde shoulder-length hair and big green eyes. You guess she’s in her late thirties, maybe even early forties — the skin of her face and neck and arms is not young-looking by any measure, but she’s definitely not wrinkled. Even though you always see her covered in an apron, the fact that it closes quite narrowly at the waist tells you that she’s in very good shape, and she has mentioned that she likes to stay fit by running regularly enough to participate in 5Ks and 10Ks on occasion. She has a deep voice and a thick accent, but the thickness is sexy, not in the least hard to understand.

The conversation gets more personal, and at one point she asks you, “so, your girlfriend here…” she touches Rachel’s hand, “… tells me you have something that you would like to ask me.” She withdraws her hand and sits back in the chair, arms folded and legs crossed.