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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Rachel selects the oh-do-descriptively titled ‘f0cada8edef6.mp4’. “Okay, foo-kada-atey-deef-6, show me some skin!”

“Wow, that was good. Pretty entertaining listening to you pronounce those difficult names with such ease!” You both giggle as the scene starts.

A beautiful thin but curvy redhead slowly walks into the room to soft nice piano music, holding a wine glass with both hands. She is wearing a very elegant dark blue and white thigh-length evening dress, with a choker necklace, big dangly earrings, and dark stockings and heels. Her hair is done up neatly but there seems to be a lot of it. No telling how old she is — either her outfit is making a twenty-year old look very mature, or she could be a young-looking thirty-something.

She approaches a guy, probably in his thirties, whom you assume Rachel considers to be good-looking as well, dressed nicely in slacks and a dress shirt and tie, putting away some dishes in a glass cabinet. They’re in what’s obviously a modern and fancy residence, maybe a condo, with big open windows in the living area. The two characters kiss, and she takes a long sip out of her almost-empty wine glass. After another kiss, he downs the rest of it, setting the glass down on the counter. He holds her hand above her head and twirls her around a couple times, and she ends up backing into him, smiling. While they cuddle and he kisses her neck, you notice how tall she is — with the heels, just about as tall as he is.

They slowly walk into a living room past the couch and he sits in a chair. She sits in his lap half-sideways and crosses her legs as they make out and caress each other. No dialog yet, and the music is still playing. Completely sideways on him now, the redhead dangles her feet over one arm of the chair and leans her head back while he kisses and licks her neck and caresses her breasts, which seem quite small, especially compared to the women in the other videos you’ve seen. She pulls his tie loose and starts to unbutton his shirt.

You feel Rachel sink in closer to you, and steal a peek at her. Her eyes are fixated on the screen and, though you can’t see her mouth, she looks like she’s smiling. Your arm is around her and you suddenly realize you’ve been caressing her arm. You also suddenly become acutely aware that you are both still completely naked, and you feel like you penis is starting to grow into an erection.

You wonder if you should stay still, or do something like rub her shoulders or between her legs, or pull her into your lap to mimic the characters on the screen.