Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Monica makes the decision for you — no mouthful for her, at least not yet. Her mouth pops off your cock with a loud smacking sound, and she sits up to catch her breath. She looks over at your girlfriend, and taps you on the leg. “Look, she’s going to cum.”

Rachel continues to jab herself in the twat with her dildo, digging at her clit and letting out short piercing moans. She climaxes, legs shaking and hips bouncing, the sex toy still shoved deep inside. She calms and goes limp, pulling the dildo out slowly. You put your arms around Monica and grab her tits while rubbing your still-hard boner on her back.

After a minute, Rachel gets up and tells Monica, “put my man’s dick back in your mouth. He needs to keep getting sucked off. I’ll be right back.” She leaves the room while you lie back and let Monica’s mouth make love to your dickhead again.

“Don’t make me cum yet,” you tell her after a minute, pushing her head back. She grabs the base of your cock and shakes it, wiggling it back and forth up into the air. “Just lick the shaft.” She does so, running her tongue up and down the length, kissing it periodically.

You girlfriend returns, wearing the dildo as a strap-on. She comes around beside you and Monica, pointing the toy at her face. “Put that dick back in your mouth,” she tells her. “That’s it, fuck her in the mouth. Do you like getting dicked in your mouth hole?” Monica nods, her lips still attached to the head of your penis. “One of your holes has a cock in it — do you need a cock in another hole?”

“Oh yeah, Rachel, I need two cocks in me. I need both ends filled with cock!” Monica gets on her knees with her ass up in the air, rubbing her face on your hard wet dick. Rachel kneels behind her on the bed and begins to bury her cock up her friend’s pussy. Monica cries out while she’s penetrated, then resumes her sucking while your girlfriend fucks her from behind. Rachel’s titties bounce with each thrust, fucking the chick who’s sucking your cock. It’s too much, so you pull out and stand up to keep from cumming.

Your girlfriend keeps fucking. “Where are you going?”

“Nowhere,” you reply. “Monica, get on your back. Rachel, come here.” Monica positions herself sideways on the bed with her legs hanging off, while Rachel stands between them ready to stick her dildo back in. You help her hold Monica’s legs out and up, watching as the pink silicone pushes her pussy lips open and sinks down inside. A few more fucks, and you’re ready to finish off. You go around to the other side of the bed and pull on Monica’s arms. Rachel climbs up on the bed while her girlfriend gets pulled away, keeping her dildo inside. When Monica’s head is hanging off the bed, you grab your dick and push the head against her lips. She opens her mouth to take you in, and you push forward so that she has plenty of dick to suck on.

“Oooh, Monica, you’re getting it,” Rachel says. “You’re getting fucked in both ends, aren’t you?” She is rubbing her friend’s clit while she fucks her, and you can tell Monica is about to cum. You pump your dick into your girlfriend’s pretty friend’s mouth, watching Rachel plunge her love toy into that cunt while holding her legs high and wide by the ankles. Your almost-erupting cock pops out of Monica’s mouth as she convulses, and you jack it yourself to get yourself to cum. And cum you do, spurts of it jumping out of your dick and landing all over Monica, reaching as far as her pussy and your girlfriend’s fake cock. When you two are done with your orgasms, you flop down against Monica, exhausted.

As Rachel pulls out, Monica sits up and looks over the mess on the front of her. “Damn girl,” she tells your girlfriend, “it looks like you came all over me!” Rachel laughs and the two girls flop down on the bed. You all lie there together, you and your girlfriend, with her friend and new lover between you.