Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You don’t move, except for continuing to pet your girlfriend softly, not wanting to spoil the moment.

The two lovers on screen French kiss passionately but slowly, while she runs her fingers through his hair and he caresses her butt and thigh. She stands up and bends over — as the camera slowly sweeps from one side of her to the other behind her, giving you a great look at her shapely ass, she pulls his tie off and swishes it around his neck. He sits up straighter and she unbuttons a couple more buttons. He holds her gently as she sways, running his hands up and down the length of her dress from hem to neckline. Gently rubbing his face back and forth against her breasts, he slowly unzips her dress, which falls off her shoulders and drops to the floor, revealing her beautiful black and blue silky lingerie — a little lacy bra, and of course matching little lacy bikini panties and a little lacy garter belt clipped to her lace-topped stockings. She swipes her dress aside and kicks off her heels, which you hear clopping to the wood floor as the music is fading to a stop now. After reveling in the kisses her lover plants all over her bare skin, she bends over toward him, hands on the arms of the chair, kissing him deeply. Since the music has stopped, now you are hearing the sounds of their foreplay, smacking lips and little “mmmm” sounds punctuate their excited breathing.

She pulls him to his feet, and they stand there making out while she unbuttons his shirt and throws it aside. Turning away from him and facing you, she slinks sexily while the camera gives you close-ups of her body parts being handled — neck, shoulders, arms, breasts, abdomen, hips, thighs, and, finally, and extended view of his hand rubbing against the front of her panties as you can see through the gap between her thighs. Her beautiful mass of thick fiery red hair cascades down her shoulders as she removes whatever it is that has been holding it up. She shakes her head a few times, tossing her hair around, as to show relief at the tension being gone.

She sits in the chair and (slowly, of course, like everything else) takes off his shoes and socks, tossing them aside. Next, his belt, then she undoes his pants which drop to the floor and are discarded as well. She plays with his penis through his boxers for a minute before tugging them down. As they drop to the floor, his half-stiff dick pops out at her. She smiles, takes it in her hand, and starts licking it. Extreme close-ups show her wet tongue glide and swirl over and around the shaft and tip. She teases his cock into a stiff boner, which, while presumably full, isn’t sticking up at all but just straight out at her. As she clamps her pretty mouth all the way over the head of his dick, you are aware that your own boner is has grown to a full hard-on, pointing to the side a little, and seemingly straight at your girlfriend.

The redhead gives her man a sensual steamy blowjob — never fast or loud like the others you’ve seen, but slow and teasing and plenty wet. You hear him “ahhh” a few times, and you secretly admire him for being skilled enough to keep from exploding into her beautiful mouth right away. There are a few seconds when a close-up displays just the tip of her tongue poking straight into the very tip of his dick, as if she’s trying to open it up. She holds it by the base and shaft while sucking part of the time, but for a while goes at it with just her mouth, no hands. After sucking his dick for a couple minutes, she stands up and kisses him while jerking him off slowly. Her hand pumps his stiff cock with long smooth strokes as he unhooks her bra to free her cute little boobs — her pale puffy nipples seem big and small at the same time — small when viewed in a full-body shot, but extreme close-ups show that they comprise a good bit of the volume of her small tits.

The guy sits down on the chair while the camera pulls back through the woman’s legs, shifting focus from him to her panties. The screen is zoomed on her crotch, with her legs open a little and him in the background reaching for her. Down come her panties, and you almost let out a “Wow!” when her beautiful full (but obviously neatly trimmed) ginger bush is revealed. Thin strands of moist pubic hair adorn her labia, which you can clearly see in all their glory. The close-up stays focused on her pussy while the guy’s fingertips caress it and disappear inside, inducing soft high-pitched moans from her.

She turns around and straddles him in the chair as he sucks her tits, still slowly. After grinding on him teasingly, she reaches around and grabs his penis, guiding the tip into the wet folds between her legs. Letting out a loud “Uuuuhhh,” you see her sink down all the way to his balls, his entire dick disappearing all the way up into her waiting cunt. Close-up views alternate between her face in obvious authentic ecstasy, her nipples being sucked and licked, and his hard cock thrusting up in between her alluring slightly furry labia. Their movements now are the fastest and hardest they have been so far, but are still controlled and still sensual, her slow bouncing just vigorous enough to slightly jiggle her tits.