Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“I do,” you tell Elania and lean across the table toward her, purposefully overriding your timidness with determined audaciousness. You say quietly, looking into her eyes, “I find you irresistible, and I really want so badly to have sex with you.” She smiles as you lean back to a normal sitting position, giving Rachel a look. “And my girlfriend is so lovingly willing to support my desire.” You purposefully word your proposal to make it clear that you want to do this; you don’t want it to come across as Rachel’s idea that you’re just going along with. Rachel smiles as nods at you, seemingly understanding what you’re conveying.

“I find you… enticing as well,” Elania replies. She tells Rachel, “you are very… unusual to be supportive of your boyfriend’s sexual desires. If I were to agree to… indulge you, when and where would you propose to do this?”

“I would say right here, right now,” you say quietly, leaning forward. This is the first time something occurs to you, but you keep calm as you address it. “But, one concern, and I hope we can solve it.”

“A concern? Fucking me on this table in the middle of my café in front of customers and my employees? Why is this a concern?” She smiles big and almost laughs. Her dry humor makes her even that much hotter. Rachel blurts out a laugh, and you think the others hear her.

“I say let’s do it in the back, and make sure the girl keeps an eye on the front while we’re out of sight. The concern is, what if someone sees the video from the security cameras?”

Rachel quickly actually looks deflated, like she thinks this is a deal-breaker and that what she has been planning might not work out. You only have seen one camera trained on the front counter and order entry terminals; you hope that’s the only one or that somehow you can be out of sight of any others.

“Oh, this is no concern,” Elania says. “I am the owner and I can turn them off whenever I please.”

“Oh, shit!” you exclaim. “Wow, I didn’t know you owned the place — that’s really awesome.”

“Well, problem solved, then?” Rachel brightens up.

“So you want to make love to me in the back of my café do you?” Elania wants you to restate your desire.

“Elania,” you say, taking her hand and looking her in the eyes lustfully, “I want to take you in the back right now and fuck your brains out!”

Rachel lets out a little gasp and covers her mouth.

Elania says, “Oh, such dirty talk from such a handsome gentleman. You are making me… more aroused.” Turning to Rachel, she asks her permission. “My dear, would you mind terribly if I fucked your boyfriend?”

“Go right ahead,” Rachel permits. “I think you’ve been working really hard and deserve to… relieve some stress.”

“I know you may not hear this often, Ross,” Elania looks at you, “but you must be quick. I cannot be gone from the front for long.”

“I’m so ready,” you tell her. “And you’re so sexy. It will be hard to make it last, if anything!”

Elania takes some keys out of her pocket and detaches one, sliding it across the table to you. “I’ll go back there now. Give me three minutes, then come back. This will open the door by the restrooms that has ”employees only“ on it — go in and then go in the door on the right.”

Elania gets up and tells you and Rachel that it was nice talking but now she has work to do. She stops by the other table to greet them, and you get the sense that they’re not going anywhere soon. After going behind the counter and moving a few things around, Elania tells the other girl something, holds three fingers up at you, and disappears into the back.

Rachel has set the timer on her phone and it’s face-up on the table. You laugh and tell her thank you. “And thank you for setting up this… rendezvous. I can’t believe it, this is so crazy.” As the clock ticks down, she encourages you: “have a good time, darling. Do you have everything you need?”

“You have it.”

“Oh shit, yeah.” She digs into her purse and pulls out a condom. “Be safe,” she says, holding it out to you, right as the timer goes off. The guy at the other table looks your way, and you wonder if he saw what Rachel handed you. Oh well.

You ‘casually’ get up from the table and go toward the back. You insert the key into the “employees only” door, and turn it, pushing the door open and stepping inside.

The room is a prep area, with some supplies and dry goods, a small sink, and a small stainless steel prep table with a stool slid under it. Elania is waiting for you, standing but leaning back against the table. She checks her watch, “Right on time. I love a man who is prompt.”

You slide your hands around her waist and draw her in close, not saying a word while you lower your mouth to hers. The two of you go at it passionately, as you remind yourself that time is short. Ordinarily, you would make yourself go slow with an exciting willing woman, but this is not the time. If ever you were going to tear into someone without worrying about finishing too quickly, this is it. You feel your hard-on straining toward her, and grind into her, hoping to make her feel it.

The floor is concrete, so she pads it with a couple of folded towels, kneeling on them while she gropes your bulge. She undoes your pants and drops them, then unbuttons the fly of your boxers to pop your cock out. “MMmm, he’s almost ready,” she says, and takes your half-boner into her mouth. You are so excited by the pace — it’s been what, thirty seconds, and she’s already sucking you off. She swats your stiffening member back and forth, asking it, “you are getting bigger, yes?” Pulling your boxers down to join your pants around your ankles, she sucks and wipes her tongue under the head of your cock, a full-on throbbing erection by now.

She stands up and hikes her skirt up, hand between her legs, pulling on your dick. “My pussy wants to take you inside of her.”