Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Klol...)

“Almost”, you say, and raise a leg and put it over her shoulder. She stops.

“Something wrong, whore?”

She lightly shakes her head. Then bends a little and puts her lips on your asshole. She’s initially shy and is just kissing your smelly butthole. You grab her head and shove it between your ass cheeks.

“Eat it, bitch!”

Rachel grabs both your ass cheeks and starts enthusiastically eating your ass out. You feel her prying tongue trying to get in as deep as possible. She spits on it multiple times to make it really sloppy. Her face is a mess. She then starts blowing you again with a finger up your butt.

You stand up, sensing you’re going to cum. You hold her head and furiously face-fuck her. And then you push your dick all the way in, and hold it there while you ejaculate copiously in her mouth.

“Don’t fucking swallow!” you somehow manage to yell.

Rachel starts choking a bit and you release her, letting her fall to the ground with a mouthful of cum.

“Cover yourself in it”, you say.

Your girlfriend puts her hand in her mouth to take out the cum and smears it on her face and tits. She’s smiling now.