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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by sugar_honey...)

Rachel’s eyes light up, “I know just the person. You go find the camera and I’ll make the call.” She’s already dialing before you leave the room.

The camera isn’t hard to find and by the time you get back she is putting the phone down and rushing over to you. “He’ll be here in twenty!” she says as she throws her arms around you and presses her naked body against you and gives you a fierce kiss. You can sense her excitement and it’s having a surprising effect on you. She pulls away and skips off to the bathroom, leaving you feeling slightly dizzy.

“Set the camera up while I get ready would ya?” she calls out. You find a perfect spot but it takes longer than expected as you keep sneaking glances at your girlfriend dolling herself up for this total stranger. Watching her is like watching a reverse strip tease, you want to take her right there but the reality slaps you in the face and cools you off.

“Who is it? Who did you call?” You hear the envy in your own voice and wince… maybe she didn’t notice.

“You’ll see,” she replies. You continue to work on the set-up with your mind racing.

After what feels like an hour of waiting you hear the door bell. She pushes you out and into the next room. “Wait here. Come out when you’re ready, just let me have a little fun first.”

You watch Rachel walk over to the door and adjust her breasts in the lace bra that leaves nothing to the imagination. You shut the door and take a seat at the desk. You can hear a muffled conversation as you avoid looking at the laptop screen with its perfect view of your bedroom. It doesn’t take long before you hear the door open. You tentatively glance at the camera feed and are shocked to see…