Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“Safety first,” you tell her, bending down to fish the condom out of your pants pocket. You tear open the package and hand the rubber to her. “You are doing so well with your hands — you do the honors.” She quickly covers your boner, rolling the condom down to the base, seemingly well-practiced, as you imagine she’s done this many times before. You pick her up and set her on the table, reaching up inside her skirt, pulling on the waistband of her panties. She wiggles and pushes up with her hands to lift herself as you pull her panties off her legs, exposing the glorious surprisingly-unforbidden treasure in between.

You admire her pussy for just a few seconds as you grab your dick at the base and point the tip up to it. She doesn’t have much pubic hair, just a trimmed “landing strip” that extends from the top of her slit up toward her navel. Her labia are completely hairless, she keeps it neat by shaving the area down into her preferred shape. You would love time to study it, but just a quick peek is all you can manage in these few brief seconds. You would love to eat it, but no time for that now. You can’t tell what most of the rest of her body is like, because it’s covered in her clothes and apron, but feeling her against you has given you the impression of very full breasts and a small waist. You’re not sure about her ass and hips, but you can see all of her legs, which are definitely toned, with defined thighs and muscular calves.

With no time to waste, you push into her, the floppy condom tip disappearing inside, followed by your dick head and half your shaft. To your surprise, there is some resistance, so you back off and give it another push. Two more pushes, and the lovely mature lady’s vagina is completely filled with your stiff penis. As you fuck her with long, deep strokes, you are careful… not to be careful. You just pump away, giving her the fucking the way you know she wants it. You are kind of surprised at the tightness of her pussy — you have the stereotypical thoughts of older women being ‘loose’, especially as experienced as you assume she is. But there is plenty of friction and plenty of resistance, her cunt massaging your dick firmly as you plow it into her. The thought crosses your mind that her experience has allowed her to practice actually contracting and squeezing with her vaginal muscles, and imagining that’s what she’s doing to you now gets you even more turned on.

Elania flips the apron strap over her head so that the front falls into her lap. Her top is a plain low-cut t-shirt, and before you can study the curves of her upper body (who has time for that?), she pulls the neckline aside and down to expose one side of her bra. Almost with the same motion, she pushes the material of her bra aside and digs out her breast. It is indeed large and full, at least a C-cup. It’s what you would expect from an older woman who’s still in her prime, heavy and not altogether firm, but it’s certainly not floppy or saggy or stretched. The areola is pale and fairly large in circumference, with stiff bright pink proudly erect protruding nipple. You have a fleeting thought about what it would feel like to fuck it and its twin, but Elania interrupts the thought by telling you, “Here, hold my tit, grab it while you fuck me.” You are thinking the same thing! You push her breast high up on her chest while you pump into her.

The table is shaking under her while you fuck her hard, and starts to wobble, the legs making tapping and scraping noises on the floor as you rock her body. “Shhhh, big guy, that’s fucking amazing, but we have to be quiet!” You pull out and turn her around, pushing her face-down on the table. Lifting her skirt over her naked ass, you insert your pecker in between her legs without looking, hoping it finds its target. It does, as you feel it slide easily all the way up into her. Pumping her deeply, you reach around to her front. Grabbing one naked tit and one covered tit, you fuck her so hard and fast that she raises up onto her toes and almost off the floor with each thrust.

“Oh, fuck me hard,” she says quietly, “We have to be fast. My break time is almost over. Keep fucking me hard till you cum!” You don’t want it to be over with so fast, but you know this is the way it needs to be this time. You’ve always wanted to just fuck a woman wildly and cum right away just to see what it was like, and now is your chance. One hand on her bare ass now and the other still on her bare tit, you ram your cock all the way up into her while you swear she is clenching around you.

“Oh, you feel so good, Elania,” you growl into her ear. “I’m going to cum, your pussy feels so good.”

“Do it, Ross,” she encourages you. “Do it to me… fuck your sexy barista till you are all finished inside. I want to feel you do it inside of me.”

“Oh, Elania,” you call to her in a loud whisper. “Here it it, Elania, here it is!” The huge orgasm that’s been building up releases as your cock gushes forth your semen. You feel spurt after spurt come out as you clench her titties tightly and try to just hold your dick in there, which is difficult with your trembling. “Take it all, Elania, take it.” You keep your dick inside and slowly relax the grip on her breasts as you kiss her neck. “Oh, Elania, you feel so good, oh, that’s good.” You want to cuddle, but knowing you have to get out of there, you retreat, watching your dick back out of her hole. Her cunt remains gaping open momentarily, and you swear you can see right down into her vagina before the labia close around it.

“The time is gone,” she says, turning around and sticking herself back into her bra and shirt and adjusting her breasts. “I must be getting back to work now.” You pull the condom off your softening prick while she flips the apron strap over her head. She holds her hand out. “I’ll take that.” She grabs a couple paper towels, folds them around the used condom, and places the package into the pocket of her apron. She dampens a couple more paper towels and hands them to you as you pull up your pants. “You should clean yourself.” She smooths her skirt down and tells you, “Thank you, my dear, you were wonderful. I have much less stress now and am ready to go.”

After you wipe yourself off, she takes the paper towels from you and starts toward the door, but you stop her by grabbing her shoulder. “Elania,” you whisper hurriedly.

“No, I must go,” she replies.

“Don’t forget these,” you say, picking her panties up off the floor.

“Ohhh, myyy…” she is embarrassed. “Yes, I need these.” She slips them on and pulls them up while you look around to see if you missed anything else. The condom package… how did that get way over there?“ She grabs that too. No cum drips on the floor. The two of you think you’ve gotten all the evidence.

Elania goes out the door and turns right, pointing the other way and telling you, “You go back out there, where you came in.” Exiting and locking the door, relieved that no one is in view of the door you aren’t supposed to be using, you head back to the table to join your girlfriend. You feel dirty, but just for a second before you remind yourself that she wanted this and set it up.