Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You pull your dick out, stroking it and explode over your girlfriends ass. Both of you clean each other in the shower and get changed. You sneakily leave the changing room. remembering it was the females’.

“Let’s go back home,” you tell Rachel.

“Sure,” she replies.

You both get in the car and your girlfriend starts to rub the bulge in your shorts. She undoes your shorts, she then proceeds to wrap her lips around your shaft, her head bobbing up and down. You drive back to the house as Rachel continues to give you a blowjob. You park up the car and put your enormous bulge back into your shorts temporarily. You both burst through the house making out, and you undress her until she’s left in her thong and bra. She pulls your top and shorts off and then takes your bulge back out of your pants, stroking it as she kisses you.

“Let’s have some fun in the pool,” you say.

You pick her up and she wraps her legs around you, still making out. You venture outside to the pool, walk down the stairs into the warm water and let your girlfriend stand. She bends over the side of the pool exposing her thong. You can’t resist it and pull down her thong, it floats to the side in the pool, you bury your face into her ass and she moans with joy.

“Oh yes Ross, lick my pussy, oh yes please don’t stop!” she cries.

You then back up and tease her clit with your cock rubbing it back and forth, making her tremble.

“Please just shove it in, shove it in and fuck me hard!” she begs.

You bury it into her from behind and her vagina feels so good. The water between you and Rachel splashes around making both of you wet. You continue to fuck your girlfriend from behind but start to get faster, you then pull your cock out, leaving her shaking. She turns around and starts to kiss you, you then lift her up, she wraps her legs around you and you enter from underneath. You bounce her up and down onto your cock as she buries her face into your neck, all the while moaning. You’re about to cum so force her onto her knees. The water goes up to her shoulders, leaving her face as the target.

“Give me all of that warm cum all over my face,” she begs.

You continue stroking your shaft and shortly unload thick ropey streams all over her face.